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Heroic Deals: April 10 - 16, 2018

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Our latest round of Heroic Deals offers 50% off select Heroes, and brings a fresh set of skins and mounts into the featured item rotation. Check out the Hero sales and featured items listed below, and then head in-game to add them to your collection before this offer expires on April 9.

Half-Price Heroes

The Heroes listed below are on sale for 50% off their usual Gem prices for a limited time.
Hero Sale Price
Dehaka 750 375 Gems
Diablo 300 150 Gems

Featured Skins and Mounts

The skins and mounts that we’ve added to the featured item rotation are available for gem purchase for a limited time. Don’t worry if you miss out, you’ll still be able to forge these items using shards after they leave the featured rotation.
Savage Pack Leader Dehaka
Soul Iron Diablo
Cataclysmic Succubus Kerrigan
Test Model Purifier Artanis
Golden Roller Derby Nova
Amber Spectre Tracer
Pallid Ironclaw Rehgar
Dominion Maraudin' Muradin

Showtime Championship Banner
Biohazard Road Boar

We hope you enjoy your new Heroes, skins, and mounts as you conquer your next challenge in the Nexus! Be sure to head to the official Heroes of the Storm website every week to check out our latest round of Heroic Deals.

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