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Mephisto, Lord of Hatred Spotlight Video Revealed

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Quote | PM | +Rep by miyari » August 20, 2018 7:50am | Report

Blizzard has released their spotlight preview video of the upcoming Diablo Assassin Hero, Mephisto, High Inquisitor.
Tell us what you think about her abilities in the comments below.

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Quote | PM | +Rep by Morcalivan » August 20, 2018 2:16pm | Report
Looks so squishy.

One thing to note is that the teleport is in fact locked in at 3 seconds to return.

At level 20 is gains the ability to swap during those 3 seconds, similar to Tyreal's El'druin talent. On a 45 second cooldown unless your trait reduces it with hero damage. That's a lot of levels to go with a predictable position on a squishie character. Chromie won't even need to use her heroic anymore.

So, while it can evade enemy attacks initially, it will also be used by enemies to land attacks as you return. Three seconds is more than enough time for a Kel'Thuzad to land his Heroic in the shade. Or Azmodan land a Tide of Sin Globe, or Demonic Invasion. Or Jaina with a Frost Nova/Blizzard combo. So, if you grab the level 20 to prevent that retaliation (for whatever cooldown timer you can manage), then you miss out on your Heroic 'Durance of Hate' getting a silence to it.

It might be safe just to let yourself get hit instead of using it to dodge, unless talking about CC. It does port you even when stunned, so the trade might be worth it in that case since you're an easy target anyways. There are talents that buff the shade though so those might make it better. Still pretty suicidal vs abilities though. Better have a serious armour buff during port similar to Fenix to make up for it.

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