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[EU] Set up a Team to grow and improve our play

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Quote | PM | +Rep by Echetlos » December 5, 2016 11:41pm | Report
Hi guys,
I am an old player,since beta and in season 2 i fall from platinum to gold and i stuck there for good.I want to make a team with platinum or gold players that want to improve their play and as an old player i think that is easier through TL.If you are toxic you like to flame or blaming the others that team is not for you.All the others are welcome.

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Quote | PM | +Rep by Skyla » January 10, 2017 6:38pm | Report
We are looking for new members for heroes of the storm for our NA and Eu side, we are a great bunch of people playing for comp and casual squads, We train two days per week and are going to be running a lot of things over this new year, We are aiming to start up new giveaways each week for our members in EU and NA to win prizes, These Prizes are battle.net balance to get your fave heroes or skins, We are also once we get the members for new teams to go up against other community of Heros of the storm to see how well we can be against other players.

What we can offer is -
Friendly players that are not toxic regardless on your skill level and experience.
A discord server that you can talk while playing games with the other players.
Very good trained staff that can help with your issues and problems.
Monthly events that are planned by the higher staff that you can join in with.
Esl comp teams For EU and Chair league teams for NA if you want to be that high skill level.
Coaches for new players that have only started out the game.

Our training nights are as followed
Wednesday - 8 pm EST (Na) 7 pm GMT (EU)
Sunday - 8pm EST (Na) 7 Pm GMT ( EU)

Our training is a 2 hour training two days per week but some of our members enjoy staying on afterwards to play more games.

If you wish for more information or wish for a discord link, Please contact these people are sure to help you out with our website or discord link

Krozyne#1512 - For NA
Skyla#21787 - For EU and NA

Thank you

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