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LF Team that is working to get to EU HGC

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Quote | PM | +Rep by Metalizher » September 11, 2017 11:41am | Report
Hey. Im looking for a serious team that is looking to progress and improve and even apply to HGC.
Team need to be in europe and i request that everyone in your team knows and can talk good english.

Abour me:
- I'm 21, from Sweden.
- Got good english, working mic and alot of time to practice.
- I'm playing a wide pool of heroes, but i prefere to play specialist/assassin/support
- My top rating in HL is Diamond 1 promotion game.
- I'm a fast learner and i dont mind people telling me when i do things wrong.
- Lvl 512. All but 6 heroes. Right under 2k games.

If you want to try me for a game or get in contact with me please add me on battlenet.

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