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Looking for/wanna make a fresh new good team.

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Quote | PM | +Rep by fdp009 » August 12, 2017 9:59am | Report
I myself Diamond/plat

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Quote | PM | +Rep by KaDa » August 16, 2017 5:59am | Report
I am KaDa#2817
I am G3 in HL currently but G1 in previous season of 2017.
Didn't play seriously in TL thats why im low in there.
Players of diamond ve said to me that I have great skills, better than what my league represents.
I'm practising drafts, I'm playing good every role, but I ve bigger win percent with Bruiser/tank/engager/initiator and specialist heroes (47wins-13Loses with Sonya on previous Season). I can fit well in every serious team and I can follow or lead bad situatons or difficult matches.
Hotslogs shows me as Diamond in HL (2500 Mmr) and Plat in TL.
If you are interested in playing with me p.m./reply me here.
Battle tag: KaDa#2817

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