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[NA] EN Malcolm - Looking for Flexible Assassin for TL (2-3 Days 8:00-10:30 EST)

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Quote | PM | +Rep by pmore » October 9, 2018 3:20pm | Report
EN Malcolm is in search of 1 flexible assassin to round out our team league group. We would prefer someone who plays the following characters at a high level and is ready to bring them into team league:









-Sgt. Hammer


-We would also prefer someone who can play either Tychus or Malth

While you do not have to bring all of these heroes, we are searching for someone who has the majority of them mastered and ready to bring into Team League.

**About Us**

We are a group of 30-40 year old dudes. We all have real lives. Wives, kids, homes, careers. This game is not our life.

That being said, we maximize the time we have, and theorycraft on our off time by using discord and google docs to bring new ideas to the table. We are heavily involved in the theorycrafting aspect of HoTS and use multiple sources to come to conclusions on what would work best for our team. Whether it is a wombo, a map strat, or a team comp, you can expect to see, and be included in, the theorycrafting aspect of the game. We constantly expand our hero pool with what is working with the current meta. I would say that every couple of weeks, we have each added a hero that we felt are ready to be brought to Team League. Most of us are sitting at gold rank in TL right now. To be perfectly honest, for us as a team, rank is not the priority right now - we are more so concerned with building a team of 5 people who will play HoTS together for a long period of time. To be frank, we do not intend to play with another group. For us, this is the home we are building. It is our hope that we will be ready to join competitive leagues sooner than later - but that depends on how long it takes us to find you, our perfect fifth...

If you are looking to quit your job and go pro, look elsewhere. If you are under 25, look elsewhere. If you don’t like theorycrafting, look elsewhere. If you don’t do your homework on the game, look elsewhere. If you can’t take criticism and use it to your advantage, look elsewhere. If you don’t like trying new heroes that will work with a comp we are building, look elsewhere. If you only care about rank and ignore everything this post states about comradery building and theory crafting, look elsewhere. This isn’t meant to sound harsh - it is just the reality of what will not work with us.

**Play Times**

There are 2 different schedules we go by:

‘Off’ week: Thursday, Sunday 8-10:30pm EST

‘On’ week: Thursday, Sunday, and either Wednesday or Saturday, whichever works better for the team that week, 8-10:30pm EST

The schedule rotates every week. We would only be willing to amend the schedule for someone who fits incredibly well with us.


If you feel that you can help fill this void and complete our team, please add me on battle.net at pmore#1804

Thank you for your time and we look forward to hearing from you.

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