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Quote | PM | +Rep by VladimirTheForsaken » April 20, 2017 12:35pm | Report
We are thrilled that the community is continuing to grow so quickly, that we are managing it very well, and that the people have responded. Gamers of the Storm is a fantastic no pressure, fun loving environment with many players of varying skill levels. There's no forums, no sign up, no website, just good fun, good times, and most importantly, we get to kick some Nex***. If you haven't joined yet, then come on and get in on the fun. We do have a competitive team, streaming services, and a friendly helpful staff.

Currently we are still looking for 2 Recruitment Officers.
Your primary functions would be to play with the community, and to do your best to expand it, nothing more.

If you want to stop solo que'ing, or if you're tired of playing endless and don't feel like you're getting anywhere, then Gamers of the Storm is for you.

Add One of the Following to start playing today:

SteelRain99#1382 (War Chief)
Oxylus#1590 (Community Owner)
Plague#1395 (Administrator)
Lewthore#1448 (Administrator)

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