HotS Map: Cursed Hollow

Cursed Hollow

Collect Tributes

The Raven Lord will create Tributes periodically. Gather them for your team!

There will be tributes that spawn randomly on the map in designated areas. These are important objectives, and you want to try to collect as many as possible! The first tribute starts to spawn at 2:45 into the game, and peridiocally repeat.

Curse Your Enemies

Upon capturing three Tributes, the Raven Lord will curse your enemies!

When you capture a total of three Tributes, the enemy team will be cursed. This is a great time to press your advantage and attack their Forts and Keeps! This is the perfect time to take big objectives on the map and try to gain the level lead.

Cursed Forts and Minions

Cursed Forts will not attack, and cursed Minions are reduced to 1 Health.

Forts will not fire during the Curse, and minions have no health. This will not affect any Mercenaries, however, so capturing Mercenaries to help counter push your Cursed minions may help!

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