HotS Map: Dragon Shire

Dragon Shire

Control the Shrines

There are two Shrines your team needs to control to activate the Dragon Knight's statue!

There is a Shrine in the very top and very bottom of the map. Once you control both of the Shrines, they'll allow you to activate the middle Shrine.

Free the Dragon Knight

While activated, bring a Hero to the statue to free him from his prison!

If you complete the summon, the Hero that was channeling will become the Dragon Knight, a powerful siege vehicle that has its own unique abilities and separate health bar.

Devastate Enemy Forts

Use the Dragon's immense power to level enemy Forts!

The Dragon Knight scales very well into the late game, and not only packs a powerful punch, but can lay down fire and even kick enemy Heroes away from you. Use this power to attack the enemy Forts, Keeps and Core in order to win the game!

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