HotS Map: Garden of Terror

Garden of Terror

Fight the Shamblers

At night, Shamblers will rise from the Gardens.

This map has a day and night cycle, and every night there are seeds and Shamblers that appear. Defeating these plants is vital in order to collect their seeds. Each small plant terror has 5 seeds total.

Collect Seeds

Kill the Shamblers and collect seeds for your team!

The smaller plants are defeated easily, but the Shamblers are a bit tougher, and have much bigger health pools and damage output. They also contain 60 seeds, which is many more than their smaller counterparts.

Control Garden Terror

With 100 seeds, control your Garden Terror and destroy your enemy!

After you collect enough seeds, you can control a Garden Terror that grows in your base, and use it to defeat your enemies Forts, Keeps and Core! The Shambler has its own unique abilities and health bar.

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mahyarmomeni | August 23, 2014 6:19am
Subzero008 wrote:

I hope this won't be a reskinned Undead Mines.

It's not. It's actually different with the night feature bringing up some good potented teamfight.
Hope you get into the game dear.
Subzero008 (1) | July 25, 2014 3:04pm
I hope this won't be a reskinned Undead Mines.
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