Heroes Talent: Broodling Nest

Broodling Nest

Tier 7

Broodling Nest

Exiting a Nydus Worm spawns 6 broodlings to attack up the nearest lane. This effect has a 20 second cooldown.

modifies ability

Nydus Network (R)

Mana: 50

Cooldown: 100 seconds

Summon a Nydus Worm on Creep anywhere that Zagara has vision. Zagara can enter a Nydus Worm and travel to any other Nydus Worm by right-clicking near it. While inside a Nydus Worm, Zagara regenerates 10% Health and Mana per second.

Stores up to 2 charges. Maximum of 10 Nydus Worms at a time.

Passive: Creep spreads 15% farther.
Passive: While on Creep, each Basic Attack reduces all of Zagara's cooldowns by .75 seconds.

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Rock-Gods of Murlocs | March 10, 2015 1:26am
Those broodlings actually last quite a while, it seems to be about 60 seconds. They almost always die before timing out.
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