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By: Da Huuuuuudge
Last Updated: Jul 4, 2018
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The Windlord

Lord of the Winds and Air, Al'Akir is a cunning Melee Specialist who's long range abilities provide vision and map presence, and even more so when is trait is activated.

Feedback and Idea's more than welcome!

Combat Trait

Cooldown: 120 seconds

After a 2 second channel, Al'Akir transforms into a massive tempest covering a very large circular area for 20 seconds. While in this tempest form, Al'Akir gains vision over everything within the area, his abilities lose their mana cost and have their functionality changed to be cast anywhere within the storm. Allied heroes within the tempest gain 15% base movement speed. When the ability ends or is canceled, Al'Akir will reform exactly as he was before the trait was cast at the location within the storm closest to the cursor location.

*The term 'exactly as he was' does not effect ability cooldowns.
*The approximate size for Tempest is large enough to easily contain areas where team fights would occur. Examples could include Fort alcoves, large Boss areas or large objective areas like Volskaya Foundry's Control Points and Sky Temple.

Primary Abilities

Air Elemental/ Wind Burst
Cooldown: 12 seconds
Mana Cost: 40

Summon an immobile Air Elemental at a target location for 20 seconds. Air elemental has 300 health and is immune to physical damage, providing vision in a 8 meter radius. If placed on unpathable terrain, gain vision over that terrain. Can have one elemental active at a time.

Once an Air Elemental is in play, this ability becomes Wind Burst. Reactivating the ability will cause the Air Elemental to explode after 0.5 seconds, dealing 90 damage while pushing enemies away.

Tempest: Elemental is replaced with an orb of wind that Wind Bursts after 1.25 seconds. Cooldown is reduced to 6 seconds.

*Cooldown starts after the elemetal is summoned, but a new one can't be placed until the first is killed/despawned/detonated.
*Air Elementals do not attack enemies. They sort of just stand there. MENACINGLY!
* Wind burst is smaller than sight range, only being about 4 meters.
Lightning Cloud
Cooldown: 15 seconds
Mana Cost: 60

Forms a stormcloud at Al'Akir's location that slowly chases after a selected target unit for 6 seconds. For each Enemy unit within the stormcloud, the slow applied by the cloud increases by 1% per second, 2% per second for Enemy Heroes. If the cloud reaches its maximum of 40% slow, the cloud detonates in an explosion of Lightning, dealing 165 damage to units within it and stunning them for 2 seconds.

Tempest: Lightning Cloud now spawns on top of it's target unit.

*Travels at about 10% or 15% less than normal hero movement speed.
*The cloud visually/audibly changes as it gets closer to detonating, becoming darker and filled with more electrical sparks. Chosen target is indicated by a marker around the targets feet.
*Cannot target or gain charge from structures or Neutral Mercenaries/Monsters that are out of combat.
Wind Shear
Cooldown: 12
Mana Cost: 30

Causes your next basic attack, and the next 2 basic attacks within 4 seconds of the first, to become a ranged blade of wind dealing 90 Spell Damage. Hitting any enemy causes two small skillshot windblades to shoot off from the back of the target in a tight 'V', dealing 75 damage to the first target they hit. Each Enemy Hero hit reduces cooldown by 1 second.

Tempest: Wind Shear is applied as a buff to a target allied Hero, but doesn't increase range.

*The 'Back' of the target is the opposite side of where they were hit.
*Range is slightly less than average ranged attack, about 4.5 meters.
*Cooldown starts after the first attack.

Heroic Abilities

Cooldown: 90
Mana Cost: 70

Channel a target enemy Hero within the sight range of Al'Akir or his Air Elementals for up to 4 seconds. Channeled target is Silenced and loses 2% of their Total Health every 0.5 seconds. Al'Akir cannot move or use other abilities while Suffocate is channeling.

Tempest: Can be channeled on any hero within the Tempest.

*Can be canceled.
Squall Line
Cooldown: 110
Mana Cost: 90

Create a large whirlwind at your location for 8 seconds. The very center of the whirlwind deal 150 damage per second, but damage quickly falls off the farther you get from the center. A wall of cyclones pivots counterclockwise around the center of the whirlwind, pushing enemies that contact them toward the center.

Tempest: Can be placed anywhere on the battlefield.

*Aimed like a Skillshot during normal mode, uses vector aiming during Tempest.
*Cyclones make one full rotation during the duration of Squall Line.
*Cyclone wall is more of a soft push, like the conveyor belts on Volskaya Foundry.
*There is a small gap between the Squall line and the exact center.

Special Mount

Windlord's Flight
Mount specific to Al'Akir. Works like a normal mount.


Work In Progress

Level 1

Thunderstruck [W]
Quest: Hit Heroes with Lightning Cloud's detonation.
Reward: After hitting at least 1 Hero 10 times with Lightning Cloud, increase base damage by 30.
Reward: After hitting 2 Heroes with Lightning Cloud 5 times, increase base slow to 10%.
Reward: After hitting 3 Heroes with a single Lighting Cloud, unlock all previous rewards and Blind targets for 2 seconds after the stun ends.

Blade of Gales [E]
Normal Basic Attacks reduce the cooldown of Wind Shear by 0.5 seconds.
Quest: Hit 30 Heroes with Wind Shear.
Reward: Applies your Basic Attack Damage on top of Wind Shear's Spell Damage, and reduces the mana cost to 20.

Black Empire Tactician [Z]
Increases mounting speed to 40% and increases mana regeneration while mounted by 300%. Air Elemental (but not Wind Burst) can be cast without dismounting.

Level 4

Supersonic [E]
Increase movement speed by 30% for 2 seconds after each empowered attack.

Restorative Winds [E]
Heal for 30% of Damage dealt by Wind Shear. Healing applies to buffed ally and Al'Akir while in Tempest form.

Windbound Minions [Passive]
Non-Boss Mercenaries captured by Al'Akir have their Attack and Movement Speed increased by 20% for 20 seconds. Al'Akir must be standing on the Objective when it captures for the effect to work.

Level 7

Stormling [Q]
Wind Burst will deal 60 damage per second for 3 seconds to enemies hit. If Wind Burst hits Lighting Cloud, it will instanly gain 10% slow. Also applies during Tempest.

Huricanian [Q]
Increase Air Elementals sight range by 2.0 meters and double it's health, but remove it's immunity to physical damage. Increases radius of Wind Burst during Tempest by 20%.

Unseen Eye [Q]
Air Elemental is invisible on cast. Taking damage or activating Wind Burst will end the invisibility. Will not turn invisible again once Revealed. Wind Burst will reveal invisible targets in it's area for 4 seconds after it explodes.

Level 10


Level 13

Jet Stream [E]
Increase Wind Shear's range by 1.0 meters, and allows for 4 empowered attacks.

Thunderous Rage [Passive]
Deal 20 damage per second to nearby enemies. If standing withing your own Lightning Cloud, start charging it's slow by 2% per second and increase it's movement speed by 10%. Lightning Cloud also gains 1% slow per second while inside Tempest.

Windform [Active]
Cooldown: 60 seconds
Active to dissipate Al'Akir's body for 3 seconds, granting him Unstoppable, immunity to Physical damage and the ability to move through units. Cannot cast other abilities while this is active.

Level 16

Skywall [D]
Reactivate to transport the epicenter of Tempest to any location within the original cast over a 1.5 second channel. This channel will pause the duration of Tempest until it's complete. Can be used once per cast.

Eyes of Al'Akir [Q]
Gain a second Charge of Air Elemental. Wind Burst becomes a separate ability bound to the 1 Key, and detonates all active Air Elementals. Also grants second charge to Wind Burst in Tempest Form.

Forked Winds [E]
Wind Shear now splits into 3 wind blades.

Level 20

Asphyxiate [R1]
Each tick of damage dealt by Suffocate also applies a stacking 3% slow and 0.5 sight radius reduction.

Eye of the Storm [R2]
A second line of cyclones travels opposite of the original. Cyclones orbit at half of original speed.

Relentless Storm [D]
Every enemy Hero that dies in Tempest reduces the cooldown of Tempest by 10 seconds.

Thunderhead [W]
If Lightning Storm reaches 20% slow, it grows 25% bigger and it's duration is refunded by 2 seconds.

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Da Huuuuuudge (1) | May 28, 2018 9:53am
Welp, I'm all out of idea's for talents. Anyone got any good pointers?
Schokoscheise (2) | May 25, 2018 11:00pm
Pretty good concept so far, one thing I need to mention is that I would like to see some synergy in his abilities, because it feels like he has this abilities to just deal some damage and done. Sadly I dont have any ideas at the moment to help you there, but I'll tell you, if I have one.
Da Huuuuuudge (1) | May 25, 2018 11:43pm
How about electrical talents for Wind Burst and Wind Shear that interact with Lighting Storm? I've haven't got many talents written down for LS, so having the other two step in for it could help fill the blanks.
Schokoscheise (2) | June 14, 2018 7:23am
First of all sry for bot reacting for so long. When coming to your electrical talents that sounds like it could become very cool, but I dont quite know what you mean by that
Da Huuuuuudge (1) | May 25, 2018 1:46pm
Update: Heroics completely reworked. Mana Costs, Talents and other such jargon coming... eventually!
Da Huuuuuudge (1) | May 25, 2018 10:06am
As a disclaimer, I'm not very fond of his current Cyclone Heroic. I feel it doesn't seem original enough. Any Idea's?
Slombeeper (2) | May 25, 2018 12:10pm
I think it sounds pretty unique because we haven't anything like it in HotS. (Maybe deckard cain or kael'thas but those are not like this heroic). One change I could think of though is that it could actually pull enemies towards it?
Da Huuuuuudge (1) | May 25, 2018 12:30pm
The thing is that I feel that a tornado ability like this feels more at home on a character like Lady Vashj. However, other sources have helped me create a new ability based on Squall Line, but it is also an area denial ability, so I'll have to scrap or rework Choking Vacuum. Maybe if I use it for a silence instead...
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