Pharah (Fareeha Amari) by Zhanrock

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Pharah (Fareeha Amari)

By: Zhanrock
Last Updated: May 10, 2019
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Pharah (Fareeha Amari)

Amari Protector (TALENTS COMPLETE!)

Hey there, thanks for checking this out. Would love feedback on this & other of my creations! Links below.
Big shout out to Kai'sa for collabing with me on this one!

Fareeha Amari's commitment to duty runs in her blood. She comes from a long line of highly decorated soldiers and burns with the desire to serve with honor.
As a child, Fareeha dreamed of following in her mother's footsteps and joining the global peacekeeping force, Overwatch. She enlisted in the Egyptian army, and with her exemplary record, Fareeha was well placed to join the ranks of Overwatch, but before she had that opportunity, Overwatch was disbanded.
After leaving the army with a commendation for distinguished service, she was offered employment with a private security firm contracted to defend a top-secret facility that was touted as vital to the safety of countries across the globe. Fareeha gladly accepted the choice assignment and received training in the Raptora Mark VI, an experimental combat suit designed for rapid mobility and devastating firepower.
She took up the callsign "Pharah", and despite finding herself in the nexus, wears that mantle to this day while she finds ways to keep the realms safe, just as she had before to honor her family heritage...

Nimble, Destructive and Predictive ranged Assassin with an ammo system + Alternating fire modes enabling Cleaving or Directed Strikes. Utilizes Movement tricks to create a slippery attack vector, Bypassing bodyblocks and chokepoints if necessary. Has a Scouting drone that can be upgraded for various purposes.

Health: 1825 (+4% per level)
Health Regen: 3.95 (+4% per level)
Mana: 500 (+4% per level) / Regen: 6.5s
Attack Speed: 1.25 (Auto) / 3.5 (Manual - See Q /Toggle for more details)
Ammo Count: 6 / Reload Speed: 0.5 [2 seconds]

Damage: 145 (Auto) / 220 (Manual) (+4% per level)
Range: 6.25 (Auto) / 9.75 (Manual)

Combat Trait

(D) Raptora Boosts

Pharah's Suit provides her with a number of combat bonuses.
Activate the ability to jump a short range to a target area vertically, gaining 15% movement speed and the ability to pass over walls for 5 Seconds. Speed boost [and wall climb] is removed upon taking direct damage.
While boosted above terrain and for 1 second afterward, Pharah's Vision range increases by 3 units.

While above 80% Health, Pharah gains 50% Physical armor, reducing the damage of incoming auto attacks by 50%.

Pharah's Omnic Targeting Assistance mode (Auto Attacks) cleave in an area around the target's (3 units) impact area. Once depleting her rocket supply, she takes 2 seconds to reload, replenishing the 6 rounds in her launcher.

Primary Abilities

(Q) Covering Fire
Cooldown (Active): .33s

Mana: 50
Mana (Active): 10

Pharah switches her targeting mode, disabling auto attack while active but giving her the ability to place a rocket strike up to 9.75 units away, dealing 220 damage at a targeted location with a projectile that will explode with the first hero, structure, or terrain it comes in contact with, exploding in a radius of 1.5 units around the target. If used within 2 seconds of hovering over terrain, the rocket will ignore collision and go over terrain.
{speed of 20u/Second (.5s to cross vision range)}

Deals between 35-70% less damage to structures, based on distance from target, less distance deals higher damage.

Lasts until cancelled by [1] Omnic Targeting Assistance, but the active component cannot be used if there are no rockets left, pending a reload.
If used while Omnic Targeting Assistance is active, Pharah instantly reloads her magazine and starts the cooldown on Covering Fire (usable again when in OTA mode.)
(W) Eye of Horus UAV
Mana: 35

Pharah calls in the assistance of a Unmanned Aerial Vehicle, Painting the targeted area after .5 seconds. Enemy Heroes are marked with a target lock(Image below) until they leave the radius (18 unit diameter) and for 5 seconds afterwards.

If Pharah uses Eye of Horus in an area she has vision of, the scan is instant and any hidden enemy objects or units are revealed for 4 seconds.

Allied units that strike the marked targets break the lock, dealing an additional 75 damage on their ability or auto attack.
Lasts 10 seconds.
(Usable range similar to Abathur Toxic Mines, see talents for upgrades.)
(E) Concussive Blast

Pharah looses a wrist rocket that knocks back any enemies it strikes, dealing 100 damage. This projectile can collide with terrain and moves targets away from the impact area, ignoring minions, and resets her auto attack timer.

If Pharah is in the detonation radius of Concussive Blast near terrain, she is moved in a linear direction opposite of the impact area. Pharah's speed boost is proportional to the proximity, up to 150% for one second after launching, decaying rapidly. Can cause her to cross over terrain if Raptora Boost's active component is off cooldown, but does not trigger it.

Pharah does not take damage from her own Concussive Blasts.

Secondary Abilities

(1) Omnic Targeting Assistance

Pharah's Raptora suit default mode adds the assistance of an Omnic AI, enabling precision targeting from her helmet visor, after a short weapons lock. This ability can be Activated while Covering Fire is active, Re-enabling the targeting assistance along with her auto-attack functionality.

Covering Fire's cooldown period begins once it is triggered, and does not change relative to OTA.

Switching from OTA to Covering Fire will reload Pharah's active rocket magazine instantly.

Heroic Abilities

(R1) Barrage
Mana:10 + 1 Per rocket fired

Pharah hovers above, steadies her position for .5s, and directs a continuous salvo of mini-rockets to destroy groups of enemies.
Each rocket does 20 damage in an (3 unit) impact area around the target, which is directed with the mouse cursor and will attempt to follow it up to a certian (15 units) range while Pharah stays in place.

Pharah fires 30 rockets per second for 3 seconds, and if cancelled early, will refund 1 second of cooldown per rocket unfired. Does not occur if a loss of control effect interrupts Barrage.

After 1 second this ability can be pressed again to cancel it.
(R2) Raptora Overdrive
Mana:10 + 5/second, stacking

Pharah seals her helmet while boosting towards a targeted location, placing an active targeting interface over the player's UI over 1s, and gains the functionality of Raptora Boost's terrain climb, and 30% movement speed while recently not taking direct damage.
All nearby targets in range of the viewbox are painted with Horus Locks, and Pharah's suit abilites are empowered, activating Covering Fire.
  • Auto Attacks are enabled during this mode, and OTA mode is disabled from activation during this time.
  • Covering Fire rockets have half-cooldowns for activation, and have double mana costs.
  • Reload Timer starts as soon as a rocket is fired, and reloads occur .5s faster. (1.5s total)
  • Regeneration Globe duration & Healing, Mana Regeneration, and Health Regeneration are doubled during this time.
  • Horus UAV cooldown is Halved, and the mana cost removed.

Lasts a Maximum of 10 seconds., Can be Cancelled after 3 seconds by pressing Raptora Overdrive again.

Special Mount

Gravometric Booster
(((LEVEL 16 TALENT OPTION ONLY, Standard Mount otherwise.)))

Upgrade Pharah's Suit with a heavy booster, Limiting the ability to mount but gaining an active 40% Speed boost for 5 seconds. These are automatically active while at the Altar, and for double the normal duration once leaving.


Primary Quest

Ace Pilot

Pharah's experimental suit is designed to aid her natural skills as a pilot, with the AI constantly becoming more in-sync with her desired actions. Acquiring additional energy and correctly aiming and predicting attack vectors will hasten their adaptation to each other.

-Gathering a regeneration globe will increase Pharah's health regeneration by 1, and her mana regeneration by .35, Up to a maximum of 20 health regeneration. Additional globes will continue to increase mana regeneration.
-Break UAV target Locks with Pharah, or by an ally nearby her.
Reward: Every 8 Locks detonated grants marked targets one additional stack of Lock, up to a maximum of 5 and lowers the UAV cooldown by 1 second. Reaching the maximum number of locks will grant an additional 3 unit radius on the scan to either direction, and increase the range by 25%.
-Participate in 5 Takedowns. Gain 5 damage on auto-attacks for each kill, Maximum of 25.

Completing at least 2 out of 3 of these quest maximums will give Horus UAV a second charge, max 2.


Level 1

(Q!)Rocket Queen: Passive: Each rocket strike against a hero grants 1% ability power, stacking with each hit. Hitting more than 1 hero or shot in a row grants an additional stack proportional to the combo. Hits that deal damage but do not strike a hero do not drop this combo, but do not extend the timer. Misses drop all current combos and stacks. Lasts 4 seconds + current active combo, refreshed on hit. This bonus is paused while reloading.
-Reach 30% ability power
-Hit 10 heroes in a row without missing or not extending a combo. All stacks of this are lost on death, but persist beyond the currently active ability power timer.
to gain 15% ability power baseline.
Passive: Gain 15% damage to Minions and Mercenaries while OTA mode is active.

(W!)Global Hawk: Passive: Each Horus UAV lock broken in visual range grants a stacking 1 damage on breaking target locks. Only 2 Locks per target per second will increase the stack, and bonus damage to (W) cannot exceed more than 100% of base (scaled) ability value.
-Reach 50 damage to remove the mana cost on (W), and Increase the scan size by 2 units.
Passive: -3 seconds off the cooldown of (W), and +1 unit to all explosive radii.

(E!)Bunker Buster: Passive: Concussive Blast gains 50 base damage, and slows any enemy knockbacked by the blast radius, up to 40% for 2 seconds, based on proximity to the blast. Each auto attack on a slowed target gives a stacking 5 damage to Minions and Mercenaries on (E).
-Hit 20 Auto attacks on slowed targets to cause (E) to stun any target knocked back into terrain for .75s, and Reset the cooldown of Concussive Blast on Takedowns.
Passive: Gain 10% damage while inside of [1]OTA passive, and lower the cooldown of OTA by 1 second.

(D/1!)Fulminating Boosters: Passive: Raptora Boosts' cooldown is reset on takedown. The cooldown of (D) is increased by 2 seconds, but the movement speed boost is no longer removed on taking damage.
-Every Minion killed near you gives you 0.2 Attack Damage. Every Takedown gives 1 Basic Attack Damage.
Reward: Once you reach 30 Attack Damage, Pharah's reload speed is decreased by .5s. Auto attacks grant her a stacking .3s bonus to attack speed for 3 seconds for each shot that deals damage. This timer is not paused on reloading, and maxes out at 2.65 bonus attack speed.
Passive: Reduce the activation cost and cooldown by 30% on Covering Fire. Set the cooldown of[1]OTA to 1 second.

Level 4

Auxiliary Power to Armor: Active: Lowers Pharah's Auto attack damage by -50% for the current and next magazine, doubles the cooldown between shots inside Covering Fire mode, in addition to halving the next reload speed. Pharah adds the last Fountian heal or up to 2 Regeneration globes simultaneously to her health regeneration- whichever is more while only counting actual health restored, in addition to gaining 15 armor over 3 seconds.
Only usable under 50% health. 45 second cooldown.
Passive: Extend the Life threshhold for Auto Attack reduction to 75% of maximum health.

(D) Extra Lift: Increases the Usable range of Raptora Boosters and the speed bonus by 40%, but Pharah can only hop a single wall during the duration of the speed boost. Duration remains at 5 seconds, but is not cancelled by taking direct damage. Lowers the cooldown of Raptora Boosters by 25% while Pharah's health is above 80%.
Passive: Using Raptora Boosts while Rooted or Slowed clears them.

(E) Carmackian Physics Module: If Pharah is the only one within the impact radius of her (E), The speed boost accelerates to a maximum of 200% speed, decays over 2 seconds, and during that time Concussive Blast cools down 200% faster, and refunds the mana cost.
Passive: Lowers the cooldown of (E) by 1 second. Gain 5% maximum health.

Level 7

(Q/1) Fire One, Fox 2: Firing a (Q) missile that strikes an enemy hero, or Auto attacking an enemy hero inside of [1]OTA mode stores a/up to three charges of Sidewinder, enabling the next firing mode of the opposite type to launch an additional second missile at the desired location simultaneously. Only one strike of (Q) must hit to qualify as a non-miss. Duplicate rocket strikes will not procure duplicate stacks of Sidewinder for hitting the same target.

(Q) Micro-Jericho Pod: Lowers the maximum ammo Pharah can hold by 3. Increases cooldown on (Q)'s active component by .17s Rocket strikes now affect an area of 3 units, and if they strike an enemy hero, detonate 5 microburst rockets in a concave pattern beyond the initial target area. Each Microburst rocket deals 65 damage in a 1 unit area. Microburst rocket Misses do not count towards Rocket Queen. Striking a target in the direct center of the area concentrates the microburst rockets into a circle around the impact area, and the initial hit does an additional 30% damage.

(W) Interlinked Optical Sensor Array: (W) scans continue for a few seconds afterward in the region of choice, and refresh their stacks on any targets still within the area after the first sweep. Lock durations are paused while they remain, and only start to expire as they leave the scan location. Detonating a lock slows a target 10%, stacking up to a maximum of 50% for 2 seconds. Locked targets near another unlocked target can reapply one stack to them. Breaking target locks lowers the cooldown of (W) by 1 second per lock.

(E) Shell-shocked: Knocking an enemy hero into terrain reduces the cooldown of (E) by 5 seconds, and lowers their armor by 10% for 4 seconds. Striking any target with more than one ability causes Pharah's next auto attack to deal an additional 100 damage, or refresh the duration of the armor reduction while increasing it to 20% if a third ability is landed on them.

Level 10

(R1) Barrage: Pharah hovers above, steadies her position for .5s, and directs a continuous salvo of mini-rockets to destroy groups of enemies.
(R2) Raptora Overdrive: Pharah seals her helmet while boosting towards a targeted location, All nearby targets in range of the viewbox are painted with Horus Locks, and Pharah's suit abilites are empowered, activating Covering Fire.

Level 13

(W) Combat Drone Enhancement: Ion Burst : Breaking a target lock causes the target to lose 5 armor, stacking per target lock, for 2 seconds. New Lock breaks refresh and extend this to a maximum of 5 seconds.
(W) Combat Drone Enhancement: Orbital Tracking : Increases the damage on breaking a target lock by 30.
(W) Combat Drone Enhancement: Shatterpoint : Scans the enemy targets for weakpoints, dealing an additional 1% maximum HP to the target when the target lock is broken. Allies, (E) and (R1) cause this to occur at normal rates, but Pharah's (Q) and Auto Attacks deal 2% and 3%. This can only occur once per second, per breaker.

Level 16

(E) Shrapnel: Landing a damaging Concussive Blast causes a Star-shaped pattern of 20 shrapnel rounds to explode from the impact point, firing out in various directions dealing 10 damage each. Striking an enemy hero reduces the cooldown of (E) by .1s per shrapnel piece.

(Q/1) XM-86 Cluster Launcher : Increases the Ammo Count of Pharah's primary weapon by 2. Auto attack speed is increased by .25, but reload speed is decreased by .5 seconds.

(Q/1) Shaped Charges : Rocket strikes of either Auto attacks or from (Q) create an explosion cone
(((This is similar in function, but not in size to Gilnean Cocktail)))
behind the target with 50% of the damage in a cone behind the strike location for 50% of the area of the attack. Does not count toward Rocket Queen. Cannot damage the same target more than once with the same attack, but can trigger (W) lock breaks.

(Z) Gravometric Booster : Active: Upgrade Pharah's Suit with a heavy booster, Limiting the ability to mount but gaining an active 40% Speed boost for 5 seconds. These are automatically active while at the Altar, and for double the normal duration once leaving. Cooldown: 30s

Level 20

(R1) Firestorm Munitions: Each individual rocket deals an additional 1% of the target's maximum health upon striking an enemy hero. Reduce the cooldown of Barrage by 20 seconds.

(R2) Push it to the Limit: Raptora Overdrive mana drain is capped out at 30/s, but the duration maximum is Doubled to 20 seconds. In addition to Takedowns reducing the cooldown of (R2) by 10 seconds, The cooldown starts as soon as the ability is activated.
Passive: Gain 5% ability power during Raptora Overdrive.

(D) Inertial Dampeners: Raptora Boosts gains a second charge. Physical Armor above the 80% health threshhold is converted to 25% general armor. This will not refresh itself unless Pharah is Healed to full.

(E/Q/?) High-Yield Warheads: All explosive rounds create a small (1.5 unit) crater at point of impact for 3 seconds, which slows any targets caught in the wake by 30%. The radius of all explosions are increased by 2 units. Colliding enemy units with terrain deals an additional burst of damage equal to the Concussive Blast that caused it.

Sample Joke/Poke lines

Look, if you think you had a rough Childhood, try having one where "Nap time" means "Hide from mommy's Dart Gun..."

It's a Bird, It's a Plane, it's--- ..Wow that's really clooOOSSSSE!~
... Talk about flying the unfriendly skies!!

"Fuel? Who uses fuel any more, Switching my suit to solar was much easier... Don't tell me you don't believe in the changing climate! Trust me, I know a lot about the weather.... {Deadpan} What do you mean Justice isn't a weather pattern. "

Thank you!

Take a look at the Malygos concept I did if you liked this one, I always love hearing feedback!

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