The Raven Lord by Labreris

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The Raven Lord

By: Labreris
Last Updated: Sep 17, 2018
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The Raven Lord

Lord of Raven Court

With the release of the comic about The Raven Lord, I wanted to recreate him in HotS with a kit. Here ya go. The Raven Lord's playstyle involves him commanding his ravens to deal damage, and using them in conjunction with his abilities to shield himself or engage on enemies.

Health: 1500 (+4.0% per level)

Mana: 490 (+10 per level)

Damage: 50 (4.0% per level)
Range: 5.5
Attack speed: 1.0

Combat Trait

Raven Call
Casting abilities spawn a raven at your location. Raven attacks heal The Raven Lord for 50% of their damage. Ravens last 16 seconds.

Raven stats:
Health: 5 (Can only take 1 damage per attack)
Movement speed: 130%
Attack damage: 38 (+4.0% per level)
Attack speed: 1.0

Primary Abilities

Cloak of Shadows
30 Mana | 10 Second cooldown
Sweep your cloak in a cone in front of you, dealing 144 (+4.0% per level) damage to enemies hit.
You and any allies or ravens hit by the cone gain stealth for 6 seconds.

Ravens hit also have their duration is refreshed.
Pin Down
60 Mana | 14 Second cooldown
Send down a beam of eldritch energy in a small area, dealing 199 (+4.0% per level) damage and rooting enemies hit for 1 second.

If an enemy hero is hit, all ravens fly to their location at 150% speed and target them.
Raven Storm
30 Mana | 6 Second cooldown
Consume all active ravens to gain a shield with health equal to 100 (+4.0% per level) health per raven consumed. You also gain an aura that deals damage equal to 22 (+4.0% per level) damage per raven consumed. Lasts 4 seconds.
When the shield is broken or expires, it will deal damage equal to 100% of the damage dealt when it was active up to a maximum of 355 (+4.0% per level) damage.

Secondary Abilities

Focus Ravens
Passively, ravens remain near you, flying to attack enemies that you attack or that approach you.

Target a location or an enemy unit. All ravens fly to this location, attacking if its an enemy unit. Targeting yourself causes ravens to be passive again.
Activate to become stealthed and unrevealable for 1.5 seconds and spawn a clone of you at your raven flock. Can only be cast if you have 3 or more ravens in the flock.
Cooldown is shared with Lord's Entrance.

Heroic Abilities

Dead of Night
80 Mana | 60 Second cooldown
Transform into a giant raven, becoming untargetable and fly forward in a straight line, dealing 180 (+4.0% per level) damage to all enemies hit. Additionally, for each hero hit, you summon a raven.

Enemy heroes hit also deal 50% less damage for 3 seconds.
No mana cost | No cooldown
Passively, tributes spawn around the map every 30 seconds. Tributes are collectible to you. After gathering 3 tributes, this ability can be cast. Tributes always spawn at a fixed distance away from you. Being out of combat and moving towards a tribute grants you 15% additional movement speed. Stacks with mount speed.

Unleash a shockwave at your location, dealing 99 (+4.0% per level) damage to all enemy heroes hit. Enemy structures hit by this shockwave are disabled, and enemy minions are reduced to 1 health. For each hero hit by this shockwave (enemy heroes AND allied heroes), you spawn a raven.
Effect lasts 20 seconds.

Special Mount

Lord's Entrance
20 Second cooldown
Instead of mounting, The Raven Lord can teleport to his raven flock.
Target an area, if there are 3 or more ravens inside, channel for 0.75 seconds and teleport to the location. Very long range.


Level 1

Tier 1

Whenever a nearby enemy dies, an active raven is healed for 1 health.

Dark Speed
If you have more than 3 active ravens, you gain 15% movement speed.

Raven Hive
Toggled ability | 15 Second cooldown between toggles.
Toggle to cause ravens summoned to instead be stored. Stored ravens' duration is paused. Max 3 ravens stored at once.

Level 4

Tier 2

Furious Storm
Gain 30% movement speed while Raven Storm is active.

The cooldown of Pin Down is reduced by 2 seconds
!quest: Hit heroes with Pin Down
Reward: After hitting heroes 10 times, the range of Pin Down is increased 50%.
Reward: after hitting heroes 20 times, all ravens are instantly teleported if an enemy hero is hit.

Grievous Cloak
Increases the size of Cloak of Shadows by 25%

Level 7

Tier 3

Raven Familiar
Gain a permanent active untalented raven.

Expose Weakness
Casting Focus Ravens on a target below 50% health doubles your ravens' damage against this target for 3 seconds. This effect has a 10 second cooldown.

Level 10

Level 13

Tier 5

Mind Games
Activate to become stealthed and unrevealable for 1.5 seconds and spawn a clone of you at your raven flock. Can only be cast if you have 3 or more ravens in the flock.
Cooldown is shared with Lord's Entrance.

Lightning Rod
Casting Pin Down on yourself while Raven Storm is active causes the shield to explode early, dealing 20% more damage and rooting all heroes hit.

Level 16

Tier 6

Whenever a hero dies, spawn a raven at their location.

Level 20

Tier 7

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Ponyboy | May 5, 2018 5:28pm
Quite like this, the one thing I'm wondering is how the tribute spawning would work. Is there a range limit to how far they appear, how fast do they spawn, do they appear at predetermined points on the map, why can't your teammates see them so they know your not just randomly flocking off? I quite like the idea of giving out the lords curse unto every realm, but the tribute part of it is just way to mind boggling to really get behind without more info on it. Otherwise this is quite a fun idea, love the idea for making the lords actual heroes and he's quite well made.
Labreris | May 6, 2018 12:49am
It's definitely a thing to look more into, yes. I figure that tribute spawning would be similar to the way the champion 'Bard' from League of Legends has chimes that spawn for him around the map. Tributes should also probably be visible to your allies, but greyed out, as you said. Thanks for the feedback!
spyro2002 (6) | May 2, 2018 1:06pm
This concept seems really promising. I really like the raven theme that you are going for, but I think you need to somehow make it easier for you to stack up ravens. Maybe have every 3rd basic attack spawn a raven? Or change the trait so that instead of summoning a raven per ability use to make it summon a raven per hero hit by abilities(although you might have to nerf their damage if you go that route) Alternatively you can make his abilities more spam. Also I had a cool idea of what his mount should be. It should be called something like 'vanishing raven' and it could allow you to teleport to the location of your raven flock while immediately leaving behind 3 new ravens. It should have a short cd cause the short duration of the ravens won't allow it to be used as an actual global. Idk just throwing ideas around. Point is very inspiring concept :)
Labreris | May 3, 2018 2:46am
This idea for a mount was actually what I was planning on, he would be able to teleport to his raven flock if there were 3 or more ravens. Also I think that I may increase the ravens' health to better allow larger raven flocks.
SpherisCore (1) | May 2, 2018 9:24am
Except for the raven form (which is too similar to Medivh), I like this.
Maybe make it somehow different like possess his ravens while he disappears ?
Labreris | May 2, 2018 10:54am
I was actually waiting for someone to comment on this. Yeah, I am thinking of ideas to make his mount different from Medivh's.
Slombeeper (2) | May 2, 2018 12:21pm
Maybe make it faster but targetable by enemies?
DoctorFoxman (1) | May 1, 2018 10:53pm
Love the concept! Looks good and the ravens as a resource seem cool, but the Basic Ability cooldowns seem long for stacking ravens. Maybe shorten cooldowns a bit or give him other means to gain ravens? I'm sure that there'd be other interesting ways to gain/use ravens in the talents, but a baseline of a 10 and a 16 second ability to spawn them seems a bit sparse.
Labreris | May 1, 2018 11:12pm
I see, his Q ability should be your main raven-generator, so I reduced the mana cost and cooldown a bit now. Thanks!
Slombeeper (2) | May 1, 2018 11:46am
This sounds really fun! I like the connection to ravens with almost all of his abilities!
Labreris | May 1, 2018 12:18pm
He is very raven-y =)
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