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Quote | PM | +Rep by Ixidor » April 8, 2018 4:00pm | Report
I've been playing Heroes pretty solidly for over 2 years, and I've been generally happy with the release of new heroes and balance. But recently more than ever before I feel like the whole balance of this game is completely doomed.

For one, not to be captain obvious, but Fenix is beyond overpowered. Like I remember when ppl were *****ing that Li Ming was ruining the game, holy **** Fenix is beyond op or the power level of any previous hero made before, what in the world were they thinking? It's consistently like 66% winrate in ranked... and that's JUST RANKED, when I played QM it's basically whichever team gets Fenix wins, I mean, all the Fenix player has to be is at least Gold+ tier skill and its over, you'll generally always see them get MVP more than most of the time if they just play at a normal level.

Secondly, this game is dead because it's emphasis on Specialists and "push power" is far too strong, and has been for far too long. When you look at the top win heroes... like... just about every specialist is in the Top 25% of heroes, I'm talking Probius, Gazlowe, Zagara, etc. interchangeably. hmm.. I wonder? While the pseudo support/healers like the Medivs, T***, Tyrande and basic ADC's like Raynor/Tychus are at the bottom of the barrel. Its just straight up facts at this point, the OP assassins and specilaists are at the top, healers in the middle, and pseudo healers/adc's and ****ty tanks like Chen are at the bottom. What this tells us basically is that picking the high winrate consistent specialists is a strong way to win and if both have it's a coin flip, but if its a team that tries a Mediv or something odd or lets just say "non-specialist" they will lose majority of the time, and you can't argue with statistics.

Long story short, besides Fenix just ruining literally every game your team doesn't pick him, there's an underlying flaw to the game of push heroes and "builders" being just far too powerful and overwhelming... like you can try to be a Junkrat and play your *** off but you're just gonna lose to a gaz, probius or Zag, because the team that has a strong push will always beat a team that doesn't have as strong push. And I know ppl will respond saying "well that's how the game works", ******** it shouldn't just be an auto lose for picking Tassadar/Kha or some composition like that vs a conventional healer/specialist comp on enemy team, it should at least be more like League where you can pick a larger array of heroes and still have a fighting chance but it's not.

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Quote | PM | +Rep by Slombeeper » April 9, 2018 10:56am | Report
While I do agree with you, I don't think heroes of the storm is dead yet. Hopefully Blizzard will learn from their mistake and improve the game because it is somewhat new. What I do think is that we need to learn more about what they are working on or listen to the community a bit more. Knowing Blizzard, I can only assume they are trying their best and listening to us, even if we don't think so.

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