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Guide of the Week: Abathur Rework, for Abathur (by Morcalivan)

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Our featured guide this week is Morcalivan's "Abathur Rework - New Life After 100 Levels" for Abathur, Evolution Master!

In case you haven't given everyone's favorite slug a whirl in a while, now's a better time than ever! Morcalivan's guide focuses on getting the most out of the powerful new updates to Abathur. You'll find an epic seven different builds in Morcalivan's guide, so there's something for every playstyle! We're personally big fans of the "Melee Monstrosity, Spine Push," which focuses on recent buffs to the overall power of his Evolve Monstrosity ability and creates a melee, lane-pushing beast. He's even great in teamfights! Be sure to click the link below to view the full guide and check out all seven talent builds!

We hope you've enjoyed this detailed guide to Abathur, Evolution Master. Let us know what you think and tell us about your experience following Morcalivan's advice! If you like the guide, be sure to give it a thumbs up!

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