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Guide of the Week: Li Li - The Bruiser in Disguise

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Our featured guide this week is Santy's "Li Li - The bruiser in disguise." guide for Li Li, the World Wanderer.

Below we've showcased some chapters from Santy's guide, which is written in the voice of Li Li (making the guide even more enjoyable -- if you like Li Li, of course). Make sure to check it out to learn some great tips and expert strategies to play Li Li!

Play Styles

Santy's guide features an introduction to the playstyle of Li Li, focusing not only on how she is generally played but also intending to educate on how she can be played -- in the hands of someone reading such an awesome Li Li guide!


Santy offers multiple different talent builds for Li Li, to help players make the best, educated decision and focus on her strengths against particular team compositions. Santy also shares their opinion on Li Li's popular Cloud Serpent build -- and why it maybe isn't quite all that and a cup of tea.

In-Depth Talent Breakdown

Santy breaks down every single one of Li Li's talents and assigns a rating: bad, average or good, to every single one of them. Learn how and why different talents may or may not work (depending on composition and situation) to get even more out of Li Li's kit.

We hope you've enjoyed this awesome and crazy useful guide for Li Li, the World Wanderer. Let us know what you think and tell us about your experience following Santy's advice!

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