Li Li - The bruiser in disguise. Adventurer's guide to tilting your enemy. by Santy

Li Li - The bruiser in disguise. Adventurer's guide to tilting your enemy.

By: Santy
Last Updated: Aug 17, 2017
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Li Li

Build: Bruiser Li Li.

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Li Li

Build: Anti CC and Dive Debilitation.

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Li Li

Build: Piano Li Li.

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Hello. Let me introduce myself. My name is Li Li - adventuress, nature lover and superb caretaker. But that last one is just because of my uncle and his drinking probl...

...ahmm where was I? Anyway. Please join me for a cup of cold brew and I will tell you all about my adventures in the Nexsus, and all the nice tilted people I find there every day. :)

Inroduction. Top

Hi folks. In this guide I will try to help you understand one of the most missunderstood heroes in the Nexsus - Li Li. And since she can't resist a good adventure, she eagerly insisted on joining in and lending a hand. So let's begin.

Who is Li Li?

Li Li is a young pandaren, proficient in helping other people, stopping dangerous creatures from harming her friends, and generally a very nice lady, unless someone happens to really get on her nerves. You now what they say - don't poke a bear with a stick.

Hah. How long did it take you to think of that lame joke? ;)
...Longer than I care to admit. Can we please get back to the guide. People are starting to get annoyed.
Yeah, sorry. But you said something about tilting in the title so, ... :P

See - annoying. This is what everyone has to deal with, when she is around. Cute and annoying, with a side order of blinding damage.

OK, that was just mean!

What is Li Li's role. Top

In the hands of a novice player Li Li will be a fairly average hero. She is often asociated with newb players, because of the lack of targeted abilities. All of her abilities are automated.

Average? NEWB? Gurrr....

In the hands of an experianced player, and picked in the right conditions, Li Li can bring a lot to a team. She is situational hero, and used to counter enemy picks. But when is she better to play, than lets say Tassadar, or Lúcio, who are also prefered as secondary supports? Well that is the wrong question actually. The correct one is when is she better than Thrall, or Artanis or Sonya...

And this is why I said Li Li is under appriciated. She is not only a secondary support. Actually she has more in common to a bruiser, than the rest of the supports. In a way she is a support-bruiser hybrid. And there is your answer - you pick Li Li, when you need the extra sustain of a second support, but also a hero, who can deny a lot of enemy damage, deal a fair ammount of damage and hold a solo lane.

Let me explain. A bruiser needs to do few key things:

[*] - Assist the tank with CC and soaking/negating damage. - Li Li has AOE blind for soaking damge and can further specialize into Slow, and her Fast Feet make her remarcably good for baiting enemy aggretion.
[*] - Dealing some damage. - Li Li can dash out a good amount of damage for a support, from a fairlty long distance, even reaching the enemy backline, which most bruisers can't do.
[*] - Bring some sort of extra utility. - Here is where Li Li shines. She has good extra healing, posesses Cleanse to deny enemy crowd control, Shrink Ray to counter dive and hypercarry compositions, and she is very resiliant towards CC herself.
[*] - Solo laning. - All supports have good basic kits to solo lane. The point of solo laning is to stay in lane and soak XP. Li Li can selfsustain with Healing Brew, and her range poke can bully and even force melee solo laners out of the lane, denying them XP.

So you see, the little cute panda can suprise many players, once you get to know her limits and capabilitis. And there is nothing more rage inducing than having Li Li heal your damge on her and constantly blind you for an insane ammount of damage, every time you get close to her, beating you in 1v1. And when the enemy is enraged and tilted, they make mistakes.

Never underestimate a Pandaren. We can certainly kick some tail. :)

Playstile. Top

Li Li is a very generic, easy to use hero, who for the most part is a healbot battery, with the ocasional blind. She is only ever suited for newbs and...

Heeyyy! What did you just say?!
Easy, easy. Just chacking if you are still paying attention. ;)
Okay, so, I'm all like, "Hey, what's up?" and you're like, I'm gonna poke you and I'm all, "Whacha doin'?" and you're like, I'm gonna keep poking you and I'm like, "Seriously?" an' you're all just like poking me? Like, what's your deal...
I am just making sure you are not missing on the action, that's all.
You know you are alot like my uncle.
Oh? I am?
Yeah - you are. So, be careful not to drink too much healing brew. It can make you stupid. And fat. Oh, and lazy.

See how annoying she can be? As I was saying Li Li is a very generic hero and can be played like that. However her kit is such, that she can be have fairly unique playstile, in the hands of a pro. More precisly she is very good at baiting enemy heroes into attacking her, thinking she is out of position and easy to kill, and then leaving them blinded and vulnerable to counter agretion. On first glance Fast Feet provides a very small buff, however it is significant enough to make any sort of melee hero unable to stick with her, and she can recover from crowd control very quickly. This combined with ther Blinding Wind for preventing auto attack damge, means that Li Li is fairly safe positioning near the tank on the frontline, where she can poke the enemy with auto attacks, or even reach the enemy backline for a quick burst with Blinding Wind. And this is where you want to be as Li Li. She is not a hero who wants to dive the enemy team, nor one that wants to protect and heal her team when they are being dived. Instead Li Li wants to be the target of the enemy team. Her mobility provides her with the perfect baiting mechanism and heer cluch debilitation makes her very hard to kill. Also if you bait an enemy hero on top of you, that lets your tank CC them, while not having to engage the enemy team. This has advantages such as controlling the terain you fight on.

In 1v1 situation - during the laneing phase or later into the game, use Li Li's mobility to kite enemy melee heroes. Use Blinding Wind to damage them, and stutterstep landing auto attacks. Your self sustain can let you trade damage with enemy heroes. If they think they can mess with the cute panda, and are going HAM on you, use Cloud Serpent for some extra dps. If you have Jug of 1,000 Cups, you can bait an enemy into thinking you are about to die, so they overextend. Then pop it run into them filling your health back, and finish them off. Blinding Wind burst is not to be underestimated when you take the proper talent at level 1.

Your camp clear is not terrible, so in the downtime you can go camping, but don't make it a priority. Li Li is relatively safe hero to split push, but not one that can do it fast. When you see the enemy team on the other side on the map, don't be afraid to push their fort.

Hey those forts dont grow on trees, ..or maybe they do...
Does it matter? It is not our fort.
I was just wondering how do they build stuff in the Nexsus. Have you ever been to Thunder Bluff? The tauren built an entire city on top of a mesa using tents. You know, I wonder...where do they know...
Li Li! Can we talk about something else?
Well it is a curious thing. Think about it. They are tents. And it's not like you can just dig a hole in the ground. You need some type of plumbing...
...Uh, got something to say?

So Playstyle. Playstile... Oh yeah here is something. Don't hold to your Jug of 1,000 Cups for too long. Use it when someone is being focused and still has half health, or he will be bursted down. Also use it to get your team to full health even if not in the middle of a fight, just to let them continue with the aggression.

Other than this just be as annoying as you can be. Kind of like Li Li :). Be as aggressive as possible, walk forward and dismount heroes, get "out of position" to bait, and as soon as someone takes the bait use Blinding Wind and run back. If they don't take the bait drop your damage anyway and retreat. Don't be afraid to trade damage, especially against heroes with no selfsustain. You can heal to full, but they can't. Generally be in the enemy's face as much as you can. Force them to focus on you and not your damage dealers, so they can deal damage freely.

When to pick Li Li. Top

Li Li is regarded as a low ceiling, entry level support, and she totally is an entry level support, but under the correct conditions and with the correct playstyle she becomes a little beast.

Hey. Can you do me a favor?
What favor?
I forgot my bag with fresh ingredients outside, can you go get it?
But we are making a guide. Can't it wait?
OK, ok. I'l be back in 5 minutes.

Now, since he left it's time to do this guide thingy the right way, he he. All right, let's go!
You know the best part about exploring the Nexus? It’s I get to see a new world every twenty minutes or so.
And all kinds of weird people... ...and things.

Oh hey look a Illidan. Does he look a bit like a flower with all of those pointy things he has, or is it just me that thinks that? No wonder I have to use my Blinding Wind all the time around him. He keeps trying to stick my friends with his pointy ends. For some reason he gets all angry. Something about his cooldowns not refreshing. It is kind of hard to understand him when he shouts, how he is not prepared. And every time I get picked to get into some game, he is always there. The same story every time. He runs into my team, I blind him, he dies. Honestly It feels like we have been doing the same thing for 10 000 years already.

And when he is not there, it is that cook, with the big knife, looking for some fresh meet. And the doggy dude. Well actually there are 2 of them. Or is one a wolf? Not important. Sometimes I meet cool people too. What's an adventure if you can't share it with few friends. Though they sometimes shoot at me with guns and rifles, and miniguns and crossbows. Oh and my Uncle's ninja friend, that keeps splitting into 3 is also so annoying sometimes. I can never tell who is the real one, before I blind them all. Some people try to hit me too, like that priest, or the big scary man with the lightning sabers - Dailam,... Diilaam... Dillon? I don't know his name, because he has no mouth so... It's weird. I wonder how he drinks his brew.

Hey Li Li where did you put that bag with ingredients? I can't find it anywhere.
Oh funny story.
It always is with you, isn't it?
Turns out the bag was here the whole time. Sorry.
Hilarious. (-_-)

Well back to the guide then. So you want to pick Li Li in a game to counter...

I already told them all that.
You did?
All of it? About countering Illidan?
And The Butcher and Greymane?
How about Tracer, Raynor, Tychus, Valla...
Yes, yes. All of them.
Did you mention Samuro, Kharazim and Artanis?
Who was Artanis?
The big Protos. With the energy blades.
You mean Dillon?
It is called Daelaam. And that is the name of his people. Their species is Protos.
Protos? Where are they from?
You can say they are from a galaxy far far away.
(-_-) I have seen Star Trek dummy, you are not funny.
Are you going to start sulking now?
...Ok suit yourself.

Now in short Li Li counters auto attack heroes. Pick her for that and to bring joy to the enemy team with her bright and loving personality. Just remember to keep the other team tilted at all times. Winning the psychological war is half the job done. The rest is not important.

Builds Top

Bruiser Li Li

Gale Force- Mass Vortex- The Good Stuff- Jug of 1,000 Cups- Surging Winds- Two For One- Kung Fu Hustle

This is the basic build that gives Li Li both good amount of damage and decent healing. It gets online early game and it is consistent through the whole game, while at level 20 makes the little panda a powerhouse. Gale Force provides a good chunk of burst damage, which is very useful in the laneing phase, letting Li Li be a relatively strong lane bully, since she can kite the melee solo laners. This can give your team good early game advantage by denying XP to the enemy solo laner. Mass Vortex is the linchpin of the build. With it Li Li can effectively provide a team-wide blind about half as effective as Artanis's Suppression Pulse on 9 second cooldown, while also chunking the enemy team for some sizable and unavoidable AOE damage. The Good Stuff and Two For One double the healing output, while also reducing the mana issues, which comes in handy at 20, since you start casting your Healing Brew and Blinding Wind over 2 times more often. Surging Winds lets you increase your healing by 20%, which works with Jug of 1,000 Cups, and at level 20, you can stack your Blinding Wind damage for 20% more burst as well.

Anti CC and Dive Debilitation.

Gale Force- Mass Vortex- Cleanse- Water Dragon- Shrink Ray- Shake It Off- Kung Fu Hustle

I call this build - "The Great Annoyance". You see in a normal game Li Li counters auto attack based damage dealers and acts as secondary healer. With this build however you give up some of the extra damage, and the majority of your healing. What you get in the trade is lots of utility for total counter to enemy hard CC compositions and dive compositions. You see if you can prevent damage from happening in the first place, you don;t need to heal it. Cleanse in higher level of play can stop entire compositions, by simple preventing them from proper engage. The issue is that you can't use Cleanse on yourself, so very often the support can be the target of the CC. One way to counter this is by taking Ice Block. Li Li doesn't have Ice Block, but she has Shake It Off. Lockdown compositions based around CC are often made to dive the enemy team as well. This is why the heroic of choice is Water Dragon. Jug of 1,000 Cups is heal over time, and hard CC can stop it, before you get any value. Water Dragon is much faster to channel, and the damage and AOE slow it provides can make any diver hero regret attacking your backline. Shrink Ray is another option to both slow an enemy to a crawl, as well as cut their damge in half. With proper timing and targeting, you can use this build to stop at least 2 enemy diver heroes from sticking to your team and doing damage, while making enemy CC useless and blinding anything in sight just to make things a bit more interesting. Dealing with this kind of prevention is very frustrating for the enemy team, and can make a lot of compositions ineffective. This is the pinnacle of Li Li tilt you can achieve.

So I got a question.
Good, I like questions.
Alright, does anyone else wonder where these weird little minion guys are coming from? I mean, they don’t even talk, either. Hello?! Hi!
:) That is an awesome question. You should ask Carbot about it though. He can answer it much better than me.
Hey look! I think the blue guys are getting ready to fight the red guys, lets watch.( Oh man this is going to be so cool.
Yeah go ahead. I will just finish explaining the builds first. It's rude not to.

Piano Li Li

Conjurer's Pursuit- Healing Ward- Cleanse- Jug of 1,000 Cups- Shrink Ray- Two For One- Storm Shield

OK. So we have talked about dealing with a lot of compositions. AA heavy teams, dive teams, CC lockdown teams... But what if the enemy goes in a completely different direction. What if you pick Li Li early in the draft to deal whit enemy Samuro or Illidan, or even Valla, and then instead of drafting what you expect, the other team goes into some sustain heavy composition, with no lockdown, but good mobility. Or a hypercarry team. Or Valla goes for Hungering Arrow build, and they get some mage like Jaina? Well Li Li is nothing if not adaptable. Being an adventuress and all. This is your "Worst case scenario" build. Compositions whit heavy sustain will not be impressed by Li Li's damage, and there is no point ti counter dives and CC, that are not in the game, so your only option left is to build for maximum sustain and rely on your team to make the plays. So here is the "Piano Uther... I mean "Piano Li Li" build. You get extra mana sustain with Conjurer's Pursuit, Healing Ward and Two For One provide even more mana control, so you can sustain for days, and gives you lots of AOE healing. Late game you can alternate between Jug of 1,000 Cups and Storm Shield for team wide clutch saves. Finally Cleanse to deal with enemy lockdown heroics and Shrink Ray to stop hypercarry heroes, or secure a kill for your team, with the slow.

The famous Cloud Serpent build, and why it is bad. Top

The Cloud Serpent build.
Timeless Creature- Mending Serpent- Lightning Serpent- Water Dragon- Surging Winds- Serpent Sidekick- Double Dragon

So at this point you mist be thinking: - "Wait, wait, wait! Is that all? But I checked Hotslogs, and it clearly shows that the best talents and build is the Cloud Serpent build. You must have went crazy!" Well I can't be sure about my sanity, since we have been talking to a panda for the last few chapters. However I can tell you with certainty, that the Cloud Serpent build is not good at all. Yes it gets some solid, certain results. Yes it is easy to play and newb friendly. And yes it is the highest win rate on Hotslogs. However Hotslogs also shows Samuro on top of the winrate list, along with some other heroes, who are easy to counter, and not viable in high level play. And here is the key. High level play.

When was the last time you saw a Li Li in your games? Now think, when was the last time you saw a good Li Li in your games? The majority of people playing Li Li are ether taking her to counter someone like Illidan, but have minimal skill and experience with her, new players learning the game, or low level players, who don't really play support heroes at all. The one thing all of them have in common, is that they are not nearly close to the skill ceiling of the hero, so the Cloud Serpent build is consistently better for them - it is easy to play, takes no brain power, and provides OK numbers once you reach late game.

The second thing, that Hotslogs is not telling you is the winrates per talent, based on the composition. Li Li is played as solo healer in some games. She is not solo healer material, so those games have lower win rates overall. Li Li is meant to be played in double support compositions, and the Cloud Serpent build is almost exclusively used in double support, while builds based on healing, blind and so on are the standard, when you solo Li Li, bringing their win rates down. In short those winrates are not reliable.

Ugh,...this is bohhhring. Let’s go do something!

I am just trying to explain to people that things are not absolute, and the context matter, when...
You talk too much! You know, did you ever think about getting out and exploring a little? You know? There’s a whole world out there.
Do you think I want to be wasting a bunch of time explaining something like this? I'd rather go kill a fort or something, but there is a lot of bad info out there, so I have to explain this.
Bye bye, fort. :)
Li Li please let me finish. It will be just 2 more minutes I promise.
Well I'we tried my best. I'll go for a walk. Perhaps make some fresh brew.
Thank you.
'Kay, see ya 'round!

The Cloud Serpent build has some major problems.
[*] Huge talent dependency on boosting 1 ability. In simple terms you need 4 talents to achieve the necessary efficiency with this build, all of them boost only this ability, and you can't skip any, so you lack any flexibility in a game. The Blinding Wind build allows you to build for other abilities, and the talents it uses boost your overall kit as well.
[*] Mana control. Li Li can run out of mana very rapidly, if you spam her abilities all the time. And here is the problem. You need to have Cloud Serpent up almost all the time, to be effective with this build. But you are a support, so you have to use Healing Brew and Blinding Wind as well. And both of those are fairly useless untalented, but eat a lot of mana. If you don't use them, than you are far better off just taking a normal damage dealer instead of Li Li. So the Cloud Serpent build will always eat all of your mana in short time, making you useless in a fight. However you can play Li Li and almost never use Cloud Serpent, without loosing any utility and healing, making other builds much more mana efficient.
[*]Sustain damage and healing, that is hard to accomplish against decent enemy players. The Cloud Serpent does damage over 12 seconds, in a fairly average area, so staying in range for long enough to be effective is a pain. Also the dps is small, so killing heroes is very difficult. On the other hand the healing this build provides with the Cloud Serpent is very small and too slow to be of importance. In short you get good stats, but they are meaningless. On the other hand Blinding Wind build deals burst damage, which is effective damage and can provide much bigger kill potential.
[*]Talent anti-synergy. This build has too much going on. First you use Cloud Serpent for damage, but also to heal, but usually you can't get both, as heroes who need healing will often try to get in the opposite direction, to the optimal damage position. Also the level 1 extends the duration, so casting it on the same target in a row loses value. This is unavoidable after you get the level 16, since you will have one of the serpents on you at all times. Also Li Li could need to position in an area, that will get no value fro the damage, and she could be at full health, so the healing is being wasted. Finally the level 16 has high anti synergy with Kung Fu Hustle, since you cast Cloud Serpent even faster, loosing even more value.
[*]Strong mid game, but week early and late game. For the Cloud Serpent build to become effective you need to get the level 7 talent. But it only becomes strong once you get the level 16 talent. This makes Li Lis early game fairly week. Also at 20 you lose value by not picking Kung Fu Hustle. For the Blinding Wind build to become effective you need only the level 1 talent when you fight 1v1, and the level 4 talent when in a 5v5. In other words it is effective from the start of the game. At level 20 it uses the increase of ability power and shorter cooldowns, so it reaches the same damage and healing numbers, but without the many downsides.

The Cloud Serpent build is impossible to mess up, because it is very easy to execute. However a skilled player can get far more benefits from other builds, while avoiding the downsides of this one.

Talents in depth. Top

Here is a breakdown of all the talents as well as some notes on them. I have rated them as:
[bad] - No useful benefit and no synergy with other talents.
[average] - Useful only in builds dedicated to 1 function / boosting 1 ability.
[good] - Nice talent with good synergy with other talents. Useful in multiple situations.

Level 1

[*] Conjurer's Pursuit -[average]- Li Li is surprisingly mana hungry in comparison to most heroes in the Nexsus. mana control for her is key, and Conjurer's Pursuit can be a good way to compensate for this, despite the fact it is a remnant of old generic talent. However it is in a tier competing with 2 other strong damage talents, which makes it unpickable, as mana management can be achieved with careful ability casting, while damage can not.

[*] Pro Toss -[bad]- - The biggest issue Li Li has is what makes her suitable for beginner players. Her abilities are not targetable. Increasing the range of Healing Brew makes it very hard to heal the target you want in many cases. Some might argue that longer range can help Li Li heal from further back, but Li Li is not a healbot, and she belongs in the frontline anyway,. Also like Conjurer's Pursuit this talent competes with much better options.

[*] Timeless Creature -[average]- This is an amazing talent, no matter how you look at it. It basically seams like 50% more damage from Cloud Serpent, but it is actually so much more. 50% longer duration gives you 50% extra healing from Mending Serpent and 50% more damage from Lightning Serpent, which doubles in value with Serpent Sidekick. In short this talent is very important for the Cloud Serpent build, solely based on talent synergy. And this is how older hero designs work. Talents are on the weaker side, but the synergy they provide can give enormous power to heroes, and add a deeper strategy to the build you are using. But the downside of this philosophy is, that you need to take the multiple talents to benefit from the synergy, while newer talent designs are mostly independent from each other. And this is why I rate most of the Cloud Serpent talents as average. Combined they are very good, but you need them all to get the benefits, and you can't branch out, once you commit to the build.

[*] Gale Force -[good]- Blinding Wind is the most important basic ability that Li Li has. On the surfice Gale Force is another talent, which needs to be included into a dedicated build to the Blinding Wind ability, however this is much more flexible build, as only 1 more talent is "mendatory",they whole build, if you can call it that has hidden synergys outside the single ability, and the talent itself is good enough to stand on its own, if needed.

Psst. Your health is down. Here's the good stuff!
Mhhh I was just getting thirsty from all that talking. Tasty and life-saving!
It's what I do. Brewed this batch myself!
Just what I needed. Can I get another one?
Sure. But don't drink too much.
Let's say that my Uncle Chen traveled all over the world... on foot. And he's still fat!

Level 4

[*] Healing Ward -[average]- This generic talent is good for some extra AOE sustain, checking bushes for ambushes, and provides some hiden mana control, as it saves you the trouble to repeatedly use Healing Brew. Overall it is good pick if your team needs just a bit more healing power.

[*] Mending Serpent -[average]- In all honesty this talents is good only with the full Cloud Serpent build, and even then provides good amount of healing only under the best conditions. The healing speed is slow and the total amount of heal is too low to change the outcome of a battle.

[*] Mass Vortex -[good]- Double all the benefits from Blinding Wind? Yes please. Unlike the first 2 talents in the tier, this talent is focused on stopping incoming damage, instead of healing it. Also when coupled with Gale Force, Li Li can dish out surprising amount of damage to multiple enemy heroes. The benefits of this talent is that it gives Li Li good early and mid game damage, and the blind is instantly denying damage, which in a way can be counted as burst healing, something no other talent does for Li Li.

[*] Lingering Blind -[average]- Again we have a form of damage mitigation, but instead of 4 people, the mitigation affects only 2 for 1 extra second. In theory this is not bad, however it is very hard to hit the exact 2 people you want, and there is no synergy with other Blinding Wind talents. In some rare situations though if can be useful to shut down a hero like The Butcher, or Illidan, yet Mass Vortex is far more reliable, and provides guarantied value, by hitting your key targets.

Level 7

[*] Pitch Perfect -[bad]- As we already mentioned, mana control for Li Li can be accomplished by careful ability usage. This talent is good for mana management, but again is outclassed by the other talents in the tier, and it comes too late to be wort considering. On top of that, it loses power, if you take Two For One later on, since it has anti synergy with the talent.

[*] The Good Stuff -[good]- This talent is one of the few, that let Li Li
increase her healing output. This is effectively a 30% reliable healing increase. The fact it stacks with Two For One later on, can effectively double the healing Li Li provides, just by taking 2 talents. If you don't need Cleanse, then The Good Stuff is your best bet.

[*] Lightning Serpent -[good]- This is another key talent is the Cloud Serpent build. Lightning Serpent is good on its own, but not good enough to pick over Pitch Perfect or Cleanse. However with the 50% increased duration by Timeless Creature and letting you double the damage with Serpent Sidekick, Lightning Serpent becomes the most key talent for the Cloud Serpent build.

[*] Cleanse -[good]- As it has alwayes been, Cleanse is irreplaceable in the hands of a good support player, against the Right enemy team. However in all other cases it is useless. If the enemy team has heroics like Sylvanas'es Mind Control, The Butcher's Lamb to the Slaughter, or E.T.C.'s Mosh Pit, this talent becomes immensely powerful. Which is another reason to use Li Li as second support against CC heavy compositions, if your primary support lacks Cleanse.

Level 10

[*] Jug of 1,000 Cups -[good]- Big heal that can spread to multiple people. Great right? Well if you set aside the fact that is healing over time, so you have to activate it preemptively or the people being healed can still be burst down. And the fact it is channeled ability, so you can be stunned or silenced, gaining no value from it. Or the fact you can;t cast other abilities when you use it. But other than that is is great ability. Just make sure you don;t take it against CC heavy teams, and don;t wait to cast it in the last second.

[*] Water Dragon -[good]- AOE Damage, with huge AOE Slow from a whole screan away. The only downside is, that is does no healing. Well you can't have everything.

Water serpent - go!
Are you trying to use it on me?
Come on, dragi! Do your thing!
Li Li will you stop acting like a child? :)
No Fun. You make me a saaaad panda. ;)
So, do you just go around poking everyone you meet? Cuz, that’s like super-weird.
Hey that's my line!
I though you were sad.
It's called sarcasm dummy. So let's go play a game?
Ok go get ready, I am almost done anyway.

Level 13

[*] Elusive Feet -[bad]- Block is bad. Variations of Block are ecually bad. An this one is especially bad. I am not even mentioning this is level 13 talent. I mean seriously Block at level 13?

[*] Hindering Winds -[average]- Blinded and slowed. Great combination. But also one that is not very synergetic to stack. If you need a bit of extra peel for some reason go for it.

[*] Surging Winds -[average]- This talent is not too impressive. Unless you go for the Blinding Wind build. And this is the reason, that this build is also very synergetic to other Li Li abilities. The ability power increase affects the healing provided by Jug of 1,000 Cups, and Healing Brew, as well as the damage from Water Dragon and Cloud Serpent. Also it has a hidden synergy with the level 20 talent Kung Fu Hustle, which is the best one in the level 20 tier too. With the 2 talents taken you can stack the damage from Blinding Wind, because you can cast it before the 8 second buff time is up. So at 20 Surging Winds effectively boosts Blinding Wind damage by 20% as well.

[*] Shrink Ray -[good]- This is the second talent, that adds a targetable ability to Li Li. With proper selection of a target, this talent is superb at stopping dive teams. If the enemy team has some hero, that is repeatedly crushing your backline, grab Shrink Ray and enjoy the sight of that hero, being shrunk to a miniature form of itself, and being blown to bits.

Level 16

[*] Shake It Off -[good]- - Malfurion's Entangling Roots? Walk into them. E.T.C. uses Powerslide? Walk into it. Arthas trows Howling Blast? Use it to cool yourself in the summer heat. Li Li is one of the most pesky heroes to kill. Between her increased speed from Fast Feet, the ability to stop all auto attack damage with Blinding Wind, and her own Healing Brew, the only way to deal with her is to lock her down with crowd control and burst her down with abilities. But using Shake It Off, gives Li Li so much damage protection, that she actually benefits from walking into roots and stuns. So the only thing left for the enemy team is to kil her using burst ability damage.

[*] Safety Sprint -[average]- - If this talent was on some other tier, it could be really good. As it is competing with much stronger talents however, it is not a good pick. Unless you feel like trolling your enemy into tilting even harder, by literally running circles around them. ;)

[*] Two For One -[good]- This talent does 2 things for Li Li. It boosts her healing output by 50%. And reducing her mana problems. When combined with The Good Stuff, Li Li will heal 2 times more than with untalented Healing Brew, while using 33% less mana. Also healing 2 targets has the benefit of making sure you are healing the hero you want, since Healing Brew is not targeted.

[*] Serpent Sidekick -[good]- Double the power of Cloud Serpent. It is as simple as that. The power of this talent is proportional to the number of other Cloud Serpent talents youo take. If you go with the Cloud Serpent build, than you must pick Serpent Sidekick. If you didn't take any Cloud Serpent talents, this talent is useless.

Game is all set. I got Brightwing, Chromie and Murky in the party and we are in the queue.
You got who? ...Oh man that game will be ...interesting.
You know, I've been thinking about all the fun we've had together. You're great to hang around and I'm sure Uncle Chen wouldn't mind if I stuck around. What I'm trying to say is, I'd be happy to be your explorer, scout, or resident adventurer. So, what do you say?
:D Sounds Awesome. Lets wrap things up here then.

Level 20

[*] Jug of 1,000,000 Cups -[average]- - This talent can improve your clutch heroic nicely, however it is simply outclassed by the rest talents in the tier. Storm Shield can be combined with Jug of 1,000 Cups for much better effect, or alternated so you can preotect the team 2 times in a fight. Kung Fu Hustle on the other hand boosts your basic abilities, while shaving off 20-30 seconds from the Jug of 1,000 Cups cooldown.

[*] Double Dragon -[good]- This is basically the same as getting a second Water Dragon. The actual way this talent functions seams a bit weird, but overall it is a good pick, if you were getting good value from your Water Dragon during the game.

[*] Kung Fu Hustle -[good]- Your cooldowns regenerate at 250% of their normal speed. Just think of how insane this is. And this includes heroic cooldowns. Insane I tell you! At level 20, using the Blinding Wind build, Li Li can deal 1000 DPS, keep the enemy team blinded for nearly 100% of the time, heal for some insane amount, and trigger her Jug of 1,000 Cups every 40ish seconds, her Water Dragon every 25 seconds. This is the best talent in the whole game. No contest! However, if you use the Cloud Serpent build, you will lose most of the power provided by Serpent Sidekick.

[*] Storm Shield -[good]- Yet another generic talent. When you take Jug of 1,000 Cups and pair it with Storm Shield, Li Li becomes a proper healer, capable of sustaining her team in a 5v5. If for some reason you had to play purely support oriented Li Li, Storm Shield is your best bet.

Umm. Ah. Hey!
Shouldn’t we be fighting? I mean, it’s fun talking and all but...I think our teammates are waiting on us, you know.
Ups. Totally forgot abut them. Just give me a sec ok.

So yeah. Thanks for reading. Please rate and comment. If you liked this guide, please feel free to check my other guides. I got to go play a game now.

Good luck and see you in the Nexus :)

Hey wait for us...
Let's go, fishy friend!

Awww, you're so cute.
Hey guys, did i ever tell you, that I was born on the back of a giant turtle that like moves around the ocean. But...what if the ocean was just like this back of a bigger turtle? And ...Oh my gosh! What if its like turtles all the way down?...


Thanks to all of you who read all of this, especially in the way it is created. This guide was really fun to make, and I hope you enjoyed it. I wanted to make a different guide, that was not all that serious, fun to do and involve the character it is about. I ended up including way too many references and hidden jokes in there, but I couldn't help myself. Please let me know if you liked my attempt of adding some hero spice in there.

Also I included a link to one of CarbotAnimations'es videos. I really hope he is OK with that. He is a great content creator and you should totally check out his YouTube account here:

Thanks for reading.

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