1 V 1 Me Bro: The Build by ALSisters

1 V 1 Me Bro: The Build

By: ALSisters
Last Updated: Jul 29, 2017
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The Butcher

Build: The Only Build

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Tier 1 Talent: Abattoir

This ability is always a go to level 1 ability for me. It makes you lose less meat AND continue to gain bonuses once you reach your lategame? Sign me up.

Tier 2 Talent: Unrelenting Pursuit

I prefer starting to take the pursuit build instead of the axe build here. I rarely ever use axe outside of getting a final hit on an enemy that is a bit too far for me to hit with an AA. Using Unrelenting Pursuit allows you to use it more often, so you can catch anyone that was lucky enough to escape your initial assault.

Tier 3 Talent: Insatiable Blade

This ability allows you to stay in a fight much longer than a Butcher should be able to while also giving you more movement speed to catch those quick sacks of fresh meat. Victuals could help you if you are soaking a lane after getting out of a fight, but IB has more use in the end imo.

Tier 4 Talent: Lamb to the Slaughter

This has way more use than Furnace Blast. The only reason I would think to pick FB is if I feel like going for a sick 4 man explosion kill (which never happens, btw). Lamb can isolate targets, stop people from chasing you or a teammate, or take a healer or other high priority target out of the fight.

Tier 5 Talent: Ruthless Onslaught

More damage for my awesome approaching move? Yes please. Brutal Swing doesn't have much use since I didn't go for the axe build back at tier 2 and Cleaver..... Is Cleaver.

Tier 6 Talent: Enraged

This ability makes all of your scary attributes even scarier for 10 seconds when you dip below 50%. I occasionally pick Blood Frenzy if I want to get some attack speed before I dip below 50% but Enraged is something I def recommend.

Tier 7 Talent: Nexus Blades

By the time you get to this talent tier you should ideally have all of your meat stacks and, thus, have an intense amount of extra attack damage. So, adding 20% MORE damage would be awesome on its own... but this ability also comes with a slow. With this ability you heal faster, kill faster, and feel good doing it.

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