A Defensive Chromie with almost no loss of damage by Zeq1

A Defensive Chromie with almost no loss of damage

By: Zeq1
Last Updated: Jun 22, 2016
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In Short

I'm not going to explain how to play your basic Chromie. Instead I'm going to go in-depth regarding "Time Trap" only.

Early game

Going with this build will acquire you to have a good sense on how a fight could develop. In the early game your "Time Traps" will almost solely positioned defensive. However, as an offensive example you can, while running from top to help bottom on Dragonshire; place one in their bushes at the shrine securing a kill.

Mid game
As both teams forts fall you get more offensive value out of it as you have more room to move on the map. As you are engaging their team, coming from their side of the map, you can place a Preemtive "Time Trap" "behind them" so to speak.

Late game
With the level 20 talent "Time Trap" becomes more of a battle momentum skill as you can but out 3 of them all over the place where there is or going to be a teamfight.

NOTE: This Build is most useful against a team with front-liners like Illidan, Butcher or Thrall. Although, bringing your team into the picture it's still very good.

Why the talents?

Later in the game it gives vision. In theory you lose a little overall damage but 100% vision range help your team ALOT. you could even argue that it give you more damage as you can drop your spells more often with the vision.

Gives you distance so you can auto-attack from a safe distance.
"Piercing Sands" is situational. It gives you way more damage, but it scales better with other builds.
Finally "Enveloping Assault" is also Situational. my reasoning is simple: There are not many moment where two or more enemies are soaking a lane or run to or away from a fight riiiiight next to each other.
Although with Heroes like ETC on your team its a good talent but again: You probably would want to go with a completely different build then.

"mobius Loop" basicly gives you +-0 in damage increase as the overall damage increase is quite low and you are not gonna utilize the CD to 100%
"Drogons eye" is hard to get value from with out the area talent on lvl 4 so it just don't fit is this build

In Hero league you will almost always get more value from "temporal Loop"

You have already got all the survivability from lvl 1, 4 and 7. and the range scale with the lvl 1 and 16 talents.

"Shifting Sands" is a great option as well. But When you got The level 1 and 13 talent that puts you on a safe distance its easy to pump out "Sand Blasts" non-stop as long as you land them. As it takes some time to aim, 0.75 sec is perfect.

This is where the level 7 talent really get value as there team will get contantly imobalized and slowed.
All other talents are irrelevant as this is the core talent

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