A useless Naz-Guide by Naz-Main09

A useless Naz-Guide

By: Naz-Main09
Last Updated: Oct 7, 2020
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Build: Wave-Clear Machine

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Disclaimer:So you know how Belial is the Lord of Lies?, think of me as his disciple, this Guide is the opposite of helpful, than again, if you do learn something, good for you.Also, I only play AI, so this Guide is useless

Quick-Match Viability:I wouldn't recommend using Naz for Quick-Match? why? because I have a 29% winrate in QM and I can tell ya, you better hope it's the right maps, or you're ****ed.In other words,"He's map-specific"

Nazeebo is the Witch-Doctor of Dialo 3, you know, that game with an Auction-House, and horrible internet-service, it was all forgiven when Malthael, with his DLC, the holy-name, "Reaper of Souls”.

Role: Nazeebo is a Wave-Clear Machine who gains power by killing minions,
basically: Killing Good...... being dead bad.....(Stitches language), if you main Nazeebo, you represent the Sin of Gluttony, which means, you are a servant of Azmodan.... unwillingly

1.Late-Game Monstrosity: Not the "Butcher with 200 Meat" kinda threatening, but still pretty powerful
2.Wave-Clear Machine:Provided you actually land your Abilities, Mages aren't the most "Consistent" of the Roles
3.Good Options:You have the Spider-Build,Toad-Build, and others I'm forgetting about

1.F-Tier Early-Game:Alright, let's put it this way:Little Mac in the Air, that;s how we we are, anyways, without the Mana to better supply the costs of Spiders and Toads, we're really vulnerable.
2.Map-Specific: Nazeebo's power comes from Azmod- I mean, stacking, if you're on a map like Inferno-Shrines, Towers of Doom or any 2-Lane Maps, you are seriously nerfed, more than Mercy in Overwatch.
3.Cheetah's Prey:Anyone with Mobility-Abilities, Tracer, Genji, Orphea? or anyone that has a Gap-Closer, Kerrigan, is going to get a Free-Kill, and you better hope to God you have Allies, otherwise you're dead.

Build-Ideas(Forgot to mention, Thing gives 20% extra range, making ur Attack-Range 6.6 instead of 5.5)
Level 1/Thing of the Deep:It's by far the most simple and the least dangerous of the 3, both Spiders and Toads require some level of direct-combat around the Early-Game, which you'll basically lose, or barely win.
Level 4/Voodoo-Ritual:Blood-Ritual is usually my more "Favorable" Talent, it's a lot safer, but you lose tons of Health and Mana in return, Voodoo is practical, just later on down the road.
Level 7/Dead Rush:Nazeebo does a lot of Double-Soaking, having a bunch of Zombies Zerg-Rush the Minion-Horde is pretty helpful:You won't have to worry about your Minions outlasting the poison
Level 10/Ravenous-Spirit:Both Heroics are pretty good, but Gargantuan can't reach, it's good for Meat-Shield, but Ravenous does superior wave clearing, which is Nazeebo's job... .Plus that Level 20 Talent, while good for Mercs(You respawn Garg in 10 seconds), is only good for a short period, Vile is eternal, just like Doom.
Level 13/Superstition:Like with every Hero, there's always that 1 Level whose Talents I don't like, for Naz, it's Level 13, but then again, having 40% reduced Ability-Damage is pretty damn useful.
Level 16/Spider-Colony:Soul-Harvest is pretty useful for a short period, but that requires you to be on the Enemy's face, or nearby minions, which is the antithesis of "Poke", which means shooting far away.
Level 20/Vile-Infection:Behold, the Drug of Nazeebo, seriously, Vile-Infection buffs ur DoT by a lot, you'll be melting their healthbars "like a Hot-Knife on Butter"-Kabal, not literally, but pretty close.

The Strategy
Your enemies can't beat your Plan if you don't have a Plan, so basically "Might makes Right", or the fancy term: Kratocracy, granted, Naz isn't the physical type, but like the meme, does it matter? Absolute ****ing not.

On maps like Volskaya, Tomb of the Spider-Queen and Garden of Terror, it is basically Stack-Haven, and for those of you who don't understand what Double-Soaking is, here's the procedure
Step 1:Exist
Step 2:Throw the Spiders and hit them with your Autos, for faster clearing,use a Wall, but that burns Mana
Step 3:Move to the next lane, preferably up and down, not up to up and then downwards
Step 4:Rinse and repeat, oh and, all hail Lord-Megatron

Throw a Spider, they'll run away soon enough, just wait for like... 2-4 seconds ane everything that has transpired has done so according to my-I mean, our design.

1.Tanks:Ideally, it should be the squishies, but forcing the Tank to disengage, weakens their frontlines, allowing you to rape their backlines.Tanks are the thiccest of Heroes, hit them first.
2.Assassins:Since they might outdamage your Team, they're really gonna be an annoyance if you don't deal with them, and generally, they're usually the Team's BFG, which means... Killing good, us dead bad...
3.Healers:Killing a Healer is pretty ideal, without the heals, they can't sustain themselves to prolong the battle, eventually they'll run out of Abilities to throw, and when that happens, it's a win-win scenario.

Other Abilities
1.Toads are Shotguns, if you manage to get close, they deal tons of DoT
2.Zombie-Wall's trapping is pretty good, but you can use them as a means of Tanking, "Walling" an escape, hence the name, and finally, just use them as a finisher for Spiders, because that combo rarely fails, trust me.

How to hit Spiders
1.Predict their movements, and 2, understand the Travel-Time on the Spiders, it takes a while, but once you consistently hit Spiders, you can basically become an annoyance for the Enemy-Team, which is a good thing, or do what I do:Watch Fan play Nazeebo

If you reached the end, good for you, now use some bleach and forget this nonsense, and also bleach your eyes if you've seen the Following Medias
1.Transformers:Robots in Disguise:Ruined my ********ed #1 Show, Transformers:Prime
2.The Sequel-trilogy itself:As much hate as the Sequels get, they had potential, too bad Disney decided they wanted a Cash-Grab, instead of a coherent story.

Okay bye, and have a nice day!

Oh and,
If anyone is actually interested for me making a Guide for a certain character(Probably the same probability as someone beating Dark-Souls without dying), go ahead and tell me in the comments, I got time.... kinda.

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