Ancient Leader by Sargoth

Ancient Leader

By: Sargoth
Last Updated: Nov 26, 2015
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Build: Chop off their heads (DMG)

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Sgt. Hammer

How to play it. Top

This is very situated build. Choose it only if you got strong support and if you are good on map which you actually play.If enemy got more than 2 assassins maybe you should think about more defensive build, coz you dont gave any defense except your passive. On early game you need to collect dmg so much from your first talent called Seasoned Marksman but dont forget to collet it for a whole time. Combine Lethal Alacrity and Solarite Reaper you got your main long range "poke" you can also use it as finish move to kill your running enemy. Your ultimate which is Purifier Beam is really strong chasing laser which you use in 90% on assassin for two reasons. First reason is: You can delete assassin Using ultimate + your E. The first thing you use ult after it starts you need to change you with your running enemy, this is the way how can you easy kill enemy assassin. If you already have Zealot Charge you can also charge on your enemy and then kill your enemy so easily. The second reason why you choose second ultimate is if you need make your enemy running from teamfight. So you use it on first assassin and then your kill the second enemy assassin to give your team advantage. Triple strike and Zealot Charge works perfect first you active your W then you charge to your enemy and if you already stacked dmg whole time and if you got last talent which is Nexus Blades last thing you need to do is say bye bye to your enemy.

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