AoE Push Build [Diamond Rank 1] by Lapin

AoE Push Build [Diamond Rank 1]

By: Lapin
Last Updated: Apr 17, 2016
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Bio Top

Hi! I am a rank 1 diamond player and wanted to share my build with you. This is my standard Dibblez build. This is my first guide so go easy on me. I will explain why I pick each talent.

Soul Feast Top

Soul feast gives an incredible amount of sustain, which lets you be in the game longer and stronger.

Fire Devil Top

Gives you good damage for clearing out lanes, camps and heroes.

Battle Momentum Top

This is what Dibblez is all about. Keep landing AA and cast as many firewaves, overpowers and shadow charges as you can.

Lightning Breath Top

I get lightning breath 9 times out of 10. A lot of people ask me why I pick this talent, but it's because I find it much more useful for the team. What I will do is use lightning breath to stop the carries from hard engaging on my team. Another use is to target the healer while your team focuses the enemy damage nukes. Just be smart about it. I usually end up doing more damage than any of my team's nukes with this spell. As of now I have a 76% win rate with this spell. Consider taking the alternate if you have no other tank, but even so I will still usually go with lightning breath.

Firestorm Top

This talent is just amazeballs.

Rampage Top

This talent really goes hand in hand with battle momentum. The bonus speed and attack dmg really allows you to cling to the enemy.

Hellstorm Top

This is the only option if you take lightning breath. Lord of terror is also a very fun spell and the only other one I would consider. In the rare case I should take apocolypse then I will get LoT. It is a very powerful self heal and adds quite a bit of tankiness to your build.

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