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By: HannibalLector6
Last Updated: Feb 1, 2017
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Artanis The God (DMG) Top

This guy is a BEAST he is prolly one of the most versatile heros in the game he can solo pretty much any camp and the objective creeps don't have a chance. Your bread and butter of this guy is his W (Twin Blades) use it on EVERYTHING you will eat thru anyone with good timing i only use prism on targets running away NEVER use near Gate/Towers bad things happen lol His Q (Blade Dash) is great for clearing the trash mobs Minions and grouped enemies also great fight starter from brush followed by W. His ulti is map wide so there is no limit you can use it to assist teammates in other lanes or to stop a lane push by killing the minions with it or group fights at start great for saving your teams life early on.

P.S. Haven't really used him as tank to much fun and just a great offensive character.

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