Artanis. High Risks, High rewards. To Valhall by Jotum

Artanis. High Risks, High rewards. To Valhall

By: Jotum
Last Updated: Nov 3, 2015
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Build: Trust the supports

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Threats to Artanis with this build

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Uther He will be a pain since Uther is rarely solo if played right and you will find it hard to burst him down with his team behind him, outsmart him and dont get stunned, get your team to help out with the kill, and take out Uther and remove his burst heals and strong utility and stuns.
Jaina Get stuck in her slow and while stunned you will have a high risk of dying unless you manage to escape and burst her down. Catch her with your Prism she will most certainly die.
Johanna Just dont focus her and save he for last, go for her weaker teams DMG dealers or Supports.
Kael'thas Hard to catch and if your out of position he will burst you down unless you're brave enough and believe someone will aid you for a turn around.
Nova Watch for her, protect your supports, she will try to burst down your team, protect them, look for her invis blur, reveal and kill her, protect your supports.
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Burst Auto Attack with risk vs reward movability. Top

Keep him protected and play smart, he is a warrior but a bruiser more than a tank use the help of your supports and their healing/utility but also make sure to protect them as they will help your team bring in those well needed kills to further your advance to victory.

Works well with high burst ranged assassins and some melee dmg dealers with useful depending on which heroes damage, utility or protection.

High sustainable healers are your friends they will keep you alive along enough to help your team get an advantage each fight helping your team to win fights in laningphase, map objectives and teamfights.

Abathur's Symbiote on Artanis is a really good option since the lack of range attacks Artanis has except from his abilties and utility. Abathur helps and protect you while Blade Dashing or going in for a kill on a target that escapes, will increase your basic auto attack dps with 25% attack speed bonus, make him auto attack fast and strengthens Twin Blades. Symbiote also protects you with health/slow/dmg depending on different talent builds. Very viable with the right team composition and against the right enemy hero targets.

Medic is your best friend her stim drone is a game winner with the right team composition, protect her and she will help winning those crucial fights. Protect her hard since her lack of self healing makes her easy to kill, watch out for Nova and Zeratul or any other hero going to burst her down and kill her.

Works with lots of different heroes try out and have fun, I won 10 out of 9 games with this build thnks to good and right supports that will synergyze with Artanis.

Sry for bad english, up all night and havent slept cuz of a cold, keeeping me awake writing this build that me and my friend who picked Abathur and Medic most games to max out Artanis in teamfights.

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