Artanis - I'm no tank ma'am. by Exozen

Artanis - I'm no tank ma'am.

By: Exozen
Last Updated: Nov 24, 2015
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Build: Full Bruiser

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My base setup for Artanis, and probably the most funktional build for him.

Tier 1 talent can be changed if you think you will be taking alot of AA dmg , but Amateur Opponent lets you kill non-heroic targets really fast , at level 20 your AA with Twin Blades will do 470~ Each, Thats 1400 dmg burst every 4 sec against camps , immortals , bosses.. You name it.

What Ult you take depends on the map and team your are facing like most other ults , but i will always go beam if the team has heroes with little or no burst escape, works well on E.T.C's Moshpit aswell , let him finish it and die while he does it!

Tier 7 Talent i like to go shield for the extra sustain , but as i said before , if they have a team with no spring mechanics that cant run from the beam go for Target Purified, can also be comboed with other HC slows and stuns to reck havoc on the team. And its easy to set up and doesnt need any real timing since you have unlimited range.

Good luck out there friends, and remember. Artanis is the weakest hero up to lvl 16 against range targets, after that he is the best hero against range targets.

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