Artanis The Heroes Reaper by Firebow

Artanis The Heroes Reaper

By: Firebow
Last Updated: Jan 10, 2018
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Build: Tightbutt

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How it works:
1. Marksman provide your damage burst
2. Shield Surge helps you to not die in critical moments
3. Warp sickness + Beam = kill
4. Beam + warp sickness = kill, you can also use it to help team when you taking camp or interrupt enemy player when taking objectives
5. Triple strike + titan killer = reaper
6. Titan killer + triple strike = reaper
7. Put the cherry on the cacke and take nexus blades to max your DPS

In 12-18 min you should have done a marksman so you can take camps fast

Your mine role is:

1st phase - when riding a mount use a blade dash and than throw phase prism at enemy hero when you travel back in dash. Try to lern perfection, that would be your role in teamplay. For example to swich a enemy healer, or just when you pursuit enemy.

2nd phase - go line to get marksman ASAP. Get some camps along clearing waves

3rd phase - get BEAM and use it with phase prism (phase prism with warp sickness sloving enemys). Use it on solo heroes or in teamfights on strong DPS or healers.

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