Artillery Extreme - (Right Click Hero Kill) - Troll the Enemy Tank by Discipliner

Artillery Extreme - (Right Click Hero Kill) - Troll the Enemy Tank

By: Discipliner
Last Updated: Oct 26, 2014
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Sgt. Hammer

Build: Artillery Right Click Hero Kill -...

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Introl Top

I am here to teach you how to play Sgt Hammer with a focus on right-click/hero kill/siege/troll enemy emphasis.

My goal is to get you up to speed and winning games with hammer quickly.

This is an advanced guide.

Hammer Pros and Cons Top

Sgt Hammer Pros
-Hero Annihilator
-Zone Control
-Decent Mercenary camp capture
-Not reliant on mana

Sgt Hammer Cons
-Low Mobility

Summary of Play Top

Summary of Play
    Level 1 Early Game
  • Go for a lane with a bush close enough to where you can go into siege mode and be within range of an enemy tower.
  • Setup mines on your choke points or on yourself - these are used to help you escape NOT to Zone and NOT to push or be aggressive with.
  • Enter siege mode into a position where if you were to setup mins by placing them directly on you - that the mines would not initiate agro and go for the minions.
  • Begin pushing with the minions down the lane, with an emphasis on firing on the enemy heroes when they get in your range.
  • You want to maintain your distance with enemy heroes(as they say - keep them at arms length) in your case this will be your siege range.
  • If the enemy decides to target you and engage. Simply run away by pressing (Z) The enemy will engage - trip off your mines - you will fire a (Q) on them pushing them back - and you press (Z) to run away.
  • At this point you will play conservatively by dialing back your position until your (Z) has reached the cool down.
  • Repeat the above.
  • If you get the opportunity where you have pushed them to siege range - prioritize targets 1. Heroes 2. Towers/Forts/Walls 3. Minions
  • On many maps there is a position where you can hide in a bush and siege the enemy. (Early game first tower)
    Tier 3 Unlocked
  • You have unlocked first aid - at this point you will be tracking 3 Major cools downs - (Z) cool down, First Aid Cool Down, Well Cool Down.
  • You will begin to balance the 3 cooldowns; with an emphasis on sieging the enemy base and staying in the fight longer (not hearthstoning back) than the enemy over the long run. (I do not mean staying in direct fight engagements!)
    Keys to Success
  • While your overall goal is to take out the enemy base and siege. ALWAYS PRIORITIZE ENEMY HEROES THAT HAVE COME INTO YOUR RANGE!
  • You should pretty much run away as soon as you get that first hit or fall into range of the enemy hero. If you are pounding on the enemy they either will have to choose to engage or you have successfully zoned them out or they are dead! If they choose to engage RUN! (Z) - Mines will Slow - Push them back with (q)
  • You can enter (Z) without exiting siege mode!

Why not go Vampiric? Hover? Hyper cooling? Top

I understand the current sentiment to go for these skills.

Vampire - To help you sustain
Hover - because you can reposition during the battle.
(Z) Hyper cooling down - More mobility

Vampire - In other builds its okay in practice it just means you are able to heal up, but increase in range is just too good.
Hover - Is not as good in practice. All it means is that you can maintain a forward push on the enemy. It is not good for Harassing or Escapes.
Hyper Cooling - First aid is a better choice for a ranged focused build over the long term, as it lets you avoid having to hearthstone back. But it is very viable to take this one up.

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