Artisan the unkillable assasin by PeardeHeufd

Artisan the unkillable assasin

By: PeardeHeufd
Last Updated: Jan 24, 2016
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Hello,This is my first guide so it doesn't look quiet fancy yet and my english is the best so, sorry for that.
The Strong thing about this build is you get your damage from your passiv + triple strike.
but at the same time you will survive a long time cause your passiv shield will reset a lot at lvl 20.
because triple strike almost reset the cooldownof your shield. 2 seconds cd on 700dmg shield is pretty op

This can give you a lot more ad, some games you will reach 50stacks. add this to your triple strike and it does 150bonus ad per hit

The long range is good for harrasing and it also has longer range so enemys will have a harder time to hit you.

this build is at lvl 20 build around this shield. so this talent only boost it more.

this deals much dmg and forces your enemy to keep moving or they will probably die. is get rid of high damage dealers in teamfights.

This one is important to take if you take Force of will at lvl 20. cause per hit your shield will reduce with 6 extra seconds. And it also so good in combination with Seasoned marksman for more damage

This give you even more mobilty to jump to your enemy or escape from him. you can use it on minions for escaping. And it also gives you nices combos with the third spell

this gives you insane defense in teamfights. triple strike causes the shield to drop 18sec of its cooldown. so this almost and instant cooldown on your passiv

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