Azmodan (Pushing) by Atrium

Azmodan (Pushing)

By: Atrium
Last Updated: Feb 2, 2017
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Build: Azmodan Build (push & kill)

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Level 1 Top

Because Azmodan's Mana reduces very fast I think it is useful to skill "Master of destruction" because your mana wont lowers that fast.

Level 4 Top

Because your main job is to push the enemy lines the "W" is very important to push the lines. And because you have to spawm the soldiers quiet quickly it is usefull to skill them for more damage and less mana.

Level 7 Top

Because you usually have to fight against the enemy specialists it is unseful to skill "March of sin" because you are able to kill the enemies with just follow them.

Level 10 Top

I usulally skill "Demonic Invasion´" because this ultimate is perfect to improve your push

Level 13 Top

I think the most useful skill is "infused power" because now you are able to kill also stronger enemys, but infact every skill is usefull because with the others you can improve your push enormously

Level 16 Top

Also here you can skill "Battleborn" or "Demonic Smite". Both improves your pushes

Level 20 Top

I prefer to skill "Forced Recruitment" because this helps you very much with pushing. But if the battle is more hero vs hero i would prefer to skill "Perishing Flame" which you can also use ageinst enemy heroes

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