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Threats to Azmodan with this build

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Tyrande watch out for her stuns! it can get you ganked in a matter of seconds while pushing alone!
  No Threat
  No Threat
  No Threat
Sylvanas The main problem and why Silv is so dangerous against this build is that she can destroy your pushing army in seconds that being said if you see Silv in a lane switch! your army wont be of much help! (shes not a threat to you, shes a threat to the the army)
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  No Threat

Azmo Drunk Pushing Guide Top

I wont cover much because its pretty straight forward!

EARLY GAME - Pick bot or top whichever your feeling! never pick mid (because 95% of the time the whole team will be lurking or ganking there.) once you pick bot or top wait for the friendly minions and go straight for the enemy towers, once there call your general, warriors and cast "All Shall Burn" and repeat! that will be your main combo!

MID GAME - keep calling your general on whichever lane has the most friendly minions, take camps, and help your team a bit by calling your ulti! it can be used offensively too.

LATE GAME - this is where you shine! push till you open the way to the core on whichever lane has been more damaged by you or team!

ITS ALL ABOUT THE PUSH! any doubts leave it in the comments I will reply as fast as I can :)

P.S. this is how I play Azmo if the team COMP allows me to! and by that I mean if your team has a pretty **** go with a damage build! but if your team has a pretty awesome comp go for the push build no question asked!

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