Balanced Valla Guide by jcheon

Balanced Valla Guide

By: jcheon
Last Updated: Jun 3, 2015
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Build: Kiter's Unite

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Threats to Valla with this build

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Threat Hero Notes
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E.T.C. Could easily separate you from your team. Be careful
Tychus Don't get too near this one. He will just Q you to death.
Stitches If he hooks you where all his team mates are.. spam your vault and stoneskin and prey for the best
Illidan Keep your space and make sure his attention is not you.

Valla's most balanced build (Any Match/Map) Top

Was good. This is my first Heroes of the storm quick guide. This is the build I use and love.

Little intro before you start reading. I like to build heroes that can be used in every game ESPECIALLY COMPETITIVE. To clarify, you can use the same build for a certain hero in all matches.

Talent 1: Composite arrows because you will be using your W a lot in the game as you play her. This talent will complement well with the other 2 W talents you will get for your 2nd and 5th talent.

Talent 2: The Arsenal talent is used for your pushing ability. Arsenal is great since you can deal tons of damage to minions and killing them with a shot of your auto attack. Also, wide/increased range.

Talent 3: The Repeating Arrow talent or Searing Attacks. If you play more as an assassin who goes in late for the kills, then get Repeating Arrow. If you play more as a carry, then Searing Attacks. But honestly, both will be great! I prefer Repeating Arrow

Talent 4: Rain of Vengeance. ALWAYS! This has the ability to stun the enemy TWICE if you can land the ult well. When you use this in a team fight... do i need to say more?

Talent 5: Frost Shot! You have the ability to slow people in a wide/increased range! Learn to kite, and this will be your best friend.

Talent 6: Stoneskin. Now you can be greedy and aggressive as much as you want as long as your team is there to support you. This is good for offensive and defensive purposes.

Talent 7: Nexus Frenzy. Increased attack speed and range on auto attack? With Valla's passive? Yes please. Now you can stay even further away from team while you deal tons of damage. They can't touch you but you kill them.

Enjoy the build. Let me know how you guys like it.

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