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BBQ Time!

By: Frosttod
Last Updated: Dec 13, 2019
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BBQ Time - update 13.12.2019 Top

Hello guys!

This is my Deathwing build - still testing new options but generaly this is my favorite. I play quite agressive, hard pushing on start one lane with team.
  • Level 1 talents
    - Draconic Might help you sustain enemies attack and push on the beggining
  • Level 4 talents
    - Infernus useful when you have some stun heroes in your team - after having more that 75% od power does a lot of damage to enemies
    - Dragon's Ire for really agressive gameplay!
  • Level 7 talents
    Depends on map!
    - Death Drop reduce enemies spell power by 15 points for 6 seconds
    - Firestorm good when you land on stunned enemies
    - Skyfall is useful on map when you have to get objectives like nukes etc.
  • Level 10 talents
    - Burn Beneth My Shadow - each time your team destroy fort or keep reset cooldown of Cataclysm! Good for pushing
  • Level 13 talents
    - Wicked Inferno fire breath cost reduced
    - Fire and Fury good against slowed, stuned enemies +30% dmg
  • Level 16 talents
    - Conflagration - more flame damage - good for finishing low health enemies
  • Level 20 talents
    - Stood in Fire - empowered Catalysm
    - Destroyer's Rampage - good against melee enemies - +40% dmg +50% cooldown

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23 Votes

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