Best Diablo Build!!!!! by bizz

Best Diablo Build!!!!!

By: bizz
Last Updated: Jun 10, 2015
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Build: Best Diablo Build THUS FAR!!!!

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Diablo Build Top

Diablo is not a solo lane Hero. Always try and stick with someone, mostly Assassins or Specialty just so you can set them up and help them with kills. Remember since Diablo is so big. Body block a lot. Once you overpower an opponent try to stay in front of them causing them to be stuck. NEVER try to 1v1 unless they are fleeing and you can shadow charge to them and then overpower. In the first couple of levels you are trying to Soak in as much exp and soulstones you can so you can come back faster if you were to die. This is why you choose Devil's Due right away. It reduces it to 60 to quickly revive. By tier 3 and 4 you'll start to notice that you most likely have the most health out of any hero. You start to become more and more tanky as you level. So it only gets better. Tier 5 you start to heal yourself, with Siphon the dead you heal 15% of your maximum health. Yes it gets crazy. By tier 7 you'll start being able to teleport to either safety or to fleeing heroes and bring them right back to your team. Its a great way finish off kills.

This build is primarily based towards your health regain, black soulstones regain, and the ability to place the opponents heroes where ever you'd like. Remember to BODY BLOCK opponents, very helpful to teammates

Tier 1 Devils Due Top

Reducing the black soulstone's makes you come back faster and thats what Diablo is all about, Remember to try and soak every lane to gather the black soulstones

Tier 2 Essence of the Slain Top

With Essence of the slain you gain 10 mana after each minion kill. Which in the early round its important to soak in all the xp and soulstones you can and to MASH Fire stomp as much as possible.

Tier 3 Soul Steal Top

This is when you start gaining some health from all the lanes. Remember, soak all the lanes

Tier 4 Apocalypse Top

I rather use Apocalypse over lightning breathe just because apocalypse stuns the opponent and gives your teammates time to use their ULT. Plus right after you use Apocalypse, you use your overpower for displacement and hit them with Shadow charge to put them further back into your team.

Tier 5 Siphon the Dead Top

This is when you start to get real Tanky and healthy. You start to heal yourself. Healing yourself 15% of your maximum health. Might not seem much but after a bit of time, 15% of 6.5k is a lot and sure is helpful.

Tier 6 Imposing Presence Top

With being so tanky and healthy, you're going to be in the middle of the battle 85% of the time. This allows you to retreat a tiny bit easier by slowing down the attack of your opponents by 50%

Tier 7 Bolt of the Storm Top

This is by far my favorite part. This allows you to teleport to a nearby location. When a hero is trying to escape your team. Use this to teleport to them, use overpower, and shadow charge them back to your teams hands. Very useful because diablo is slow and big, no one expects him to teleport.

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