Blood and sand everywhere! aka Having Fun while dealing massive dmg by KakarotHUN

Blood and sand everywhere! aka Having Fun while dealing massive dmg

By: KakarotHUN
Last Updated: May 19, 2016
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Threat Hero Notes
The Lost Vikings really easy to kill
Abathur the wall wont help him anymore
Murky the frog has no chance
Brightwing just kept dying...
Raynor just kept dying...
Lt. Morales sneaky bastard, hard to kill, but no threat really
Tracer it was interesting how easy was to kill tracer
Sgt. Hammer your range is better :)
Lunara easy to kill if you manage to hit her before, after that run!
Azmodan damn, he was hard to take down
Arthas not so easy to take down a big HP
E.T.C. not so easy to take down a big HP
Diablo not so easy to take down a big HP
  No Threat

Introduction Top

The new character of the game is kinda badass if you ask me, although she looks innocent. She has a HUGE range when it comes to abilities (I can not write HUGE huge enough) and the damage is so pretty as Chromie herself.
But beware, if you manage to run into someone on the run, you are toast! And also, you won't be able to clear lanes properly, or focus on a single non-hero target, but boy you will bring down hell on the enemy heroes.
She is a hard character, but if you are like me, you will love yourself a hard character! :)

Abilities Top

First of all, her Trait is really handy if you are a Pro player. If not, well, you maybe won't feel a difference. I mean, if you watched a HOTS tournament, you saw how important the level difference is or your early ultimate, but when you just like to play or a newbie, you won't feel any difference between a lvl 5 and lvl 6 player.

I love them, all of them, there are no lame ability here. The pure combinations are so overpowered if you do it right, you will laugh and laugh when you do the first kill of the game.
The Dragon's Breath is a killer, the enemy won't know what hit them until it is too late, the Sand Blast can go through anything to hit the hero and Time Trap's are just fun to play with. I managed to do the funniest kills with them! :) You know the feeling, when they think they are safe behind the walls...
The Ultimates are also nice, I like the Slowing Sands, but the Loop can be also fatal if you got a nice team with you.
Also don't know the Mana Consuming problem of some reviews. If you focus and don't waste the abilities on something unimportant, you shouldn't have any problem with mana. (I mean not more than Kael'thas)

Sand Blast:
HUGE range, really nice damage, can hit behind walls, can only hit heroes doesn't matter what is in the way (and Bosses, if I saw it right...) the casting time is a little bit slow and you really have to know where to cast it, but boy, it can kill. It is fun, it is safe, it is deadly, specially if you know your map.

Dragon's Breath:
Your favorite, it is really great, great range, nice damage, your only lane clearer, and the best part, they won't see it coming. SURPRISE Motherf.... Nice combo with Sand blast, if you throw one sand blast after casting DB they will land almost the same time, and they have the same HUGE range, can kill easily a low-middle HP enemy, especially in team fights. The cooldown is not good, but you have a talent for that.

Time Trap:
Funny trap, and it stays there until disabled, so also good for spying on an area. The killer combo is to leave a Trap on the field, wait for enemy to come and send a DB and SB on them. Really funny to do. (the trap won't hold that long, so you have to cast the others in advance on the trap) But anyway, if you place it in the right spot, bye-bye suprise attacks! Ohh, and only heroes can activate them!

Slowing Sand:
My pick, it doesn't feel like an ultimate, because you can use it all the time, (now maybe this is mana consuming if you are careless). Nice one, especially nice if you bombard them with SB and DB but also can save your (or team's) skin if you are running away, or slow down enemy running heroes. Specially practical on maps where the heroes have to focus on one small area. Anyway, it will almost be active the whole time. The only thing that is not sooo good is the range, but that's just something small. Boy if it would be the same range as the others....

Temporal Loop:
Not my Fav, but I would use this with a Pro team. No more running away, no more teleporting away, no-no, come back here and die! But as you won't be so deadly with a running target, it requires a good team.

Talents Top

Some are great, some are not so great, I can not decide on some traits, but here are my favorites:

1: Deep Breathing
Not the best talents this level. I really don't need that much mana (although the 5% ability power is nice) but the only time you will have problem with mana if you shoot withouth aiming. Just shoot-shoot-shoot and the Slowing Sand is always on, otherwise just use wells and teleports sometimes and you will be good. I chose Deep Breathing because I just love DB. And the Sight radius bonus is also nice. But in the first few games it is hard to properly hit the hero with it. So need some practice.

3: Piercing Sand
Some argue that Bronze talon is killer, true, but I really don't use Basic Attack that much with Chromie, I am more like a sneaky bastard with huge range. Enveloping Assault is really good if you have problem aiming and it gives you more room to play (especially if you focus on the lane), but I will stay with Piercing Sand, because as I saw, my Sand Blast will be shooting non-stop and although it only hits heroes, but there is always a tank in front of your target, perfect for Piercing Sand but too far apart for Enveloping Assault. (And kid's that's how I killed Abathur/Vikings/Murky/Kael/Jaina behind their Tank)

6: Mobius Loop
I know that you will probably hate me for this choice and Dragon's Eye give you more damage, but the -50% cooldown is worth it to me, especially if you combine SB and DB. I don't care about the -25% DMG, because I will bring down DB as much as I can. And like Kerrigan's combo, the SB+DB goes hand-in-hand you need to bring down the cooldown.

9: Slowing Sand
Only if you don't focus on one-hero with your team. The other one (temporal loop) can easily kill any hero you want to kill, especially if they don't have much HP. Tick-Tock, you will die... It is also good if you decide on a solo killer character, you just use Temp loop, wait 1 sec, cast the usual combo and it is pretty much dead. (also not bad range). But Slowing sand can be really effective in a massive team battle.

12: Reaching through time
More range!!! You have ridiculously long range. It is really funny to play this way. You can bombard the enemies from a safe distance and they don't even see what's coming for them.
The other 2 are also really nice, but usually I am safe, I don't leap in the middle of the battle, but I died a few times because of the focus on me (which takes only 2 secs to die...)

15: Now this one I cannot decide (decided, shifting sand, I mean wow!)
All of them are great, if you are a really good sniper with SB, the first one is a good choice, but the third can be also good. But I like to take Fast Forward too, because I just shoot-shoot-shoot from far away.

19: Past and Future me (Andorhal Anomaly was my first, but boy Past and Future...)
So I usually take 2 Hero attack piercing sand, then shifting sand, and after that Pas+Future is a overkill. Just did a battle and with it I hit 4 heroes most of the time in the big battles, especially if they are in your sand. Talking about Quad kills, really nice they are. SAND EVERYWHERE!!!
Andorhal Anomaly : 3 traps. Love it. You can really booby trap the whole fight, they have no chance to chase you or suprise attack you anymore. With a good team and some luring skill, this can be really deadly.
Other would be Pocket of Time, if you are a Slowing Sand fan.

Strategies Top

Well, I have A Strategy

Get back behind walls/grass/tanks and shoot baby, shoot!
I tried clearing lanes, getting Mercs, focusing on towers etc, but nothing compares to dealing damage on heroes. Actually Chromie is only good in dealing damage on heroes, but she is really good in that. (maybe better then Kael'thas???)
If you have a good teammate and you are good on shooting and aiming, the enemies will die before they realise what hit them. Chromie is really the ultimate surprise attacker with her long range and nice damage and of course because of the sneaky Dragon's Breath. And if you combine her with idk Nova or Zera... Boy!
It is hard to hit the targets, so you have to wait for them to hold still a little. Wait for them to cast something, start attacking your lane, focus on something, or walk into your trap, but if they stand still for 1 sec, they are toast! DB+SB combo them! If they are not full health, you might kill them with this combo! But if not, they will run back to a fountain for sure. It is also wise to drop a trap in front of you before the attack so if they decide to chase you they will walk into the trap.
If they starting to chase you, run! Like hell! You don't have a chance. But it is kinda easy to run away, drop a trap, drop Slowing Sand and they probably won't reach you. (that's why my lvl 12 Talent is not an escape talent)

The only counter strategy I saw (when I played against AI) that they don't stop moving, like shoot one, move a little, shoot two, move a little. In zig-zag. Hard to hit them that way.

I recommend Chromie if:
- you play in a small map like Spider Queen (because you will run up and down to focus on heroes)
- you are not a newbie and like the challenge and know your map
- you have a solid team which prefers team-work and focus on heroes
- your enemies are Vikings, Murky or some low level easy kill heroes
- you can predict where the enemy hero is in the fog, you will be GOD! (now I could use some Black Sheep Wall)

I don't recommend Chromie if:
- you have to focus on anything but a hero
- you need to get Mercs
- there is noone in the team who can finish off a hero
- there is noone who will draw focus on himself

I would play Chromie any time, I like the challenge, and it kinda feels like Nova (also fav), but different.
You will deal massive damage against heroes, but you won't finish them off (it's hard to), you need a teammate for that and you will not be really good against anything else then a hero.

She is a real fun, but hard hero to play with.

(update: I just had my first mana problem what everybody is talking about. Had to drink 2 times from fountain and teleported 1 time because of mana. THAT was the big mana problem, but I kept shooting non-stop.)

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