Boterkoekje's Duelist Valla by Boterkoekje

Boterkoekje's Duelist Valla

By: Boterkoekje
Last Updated: Nov 9, 2014
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Build: Boterkoekje's Duelist Valla

Level 1
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Strengths and Weaknesses Top

    High mobility
    High burst
    Strongest at 1v1
    High poking damage in team fights
    "Okay" healing

    Pet users
    "Weak" autoattack
    Mana heavy

Playstyle Top

EARLY GAME Tier 1 - Tier 3

As in almost all Valla's playstyles she is pretty weak in the early game. Try to stay in your lane to get levels as fast as you can. Only team fight if you are sure you can be of any help with to the team. Once you reach tier 3 it is time for you combo + + try to single out any enemy heroes with low hp or general low survivabilty.

MID GAME Tier 4 - Tier 5

Once you acquire start diving into team fights, however make sure to keep your distance. Start of with but save your instead use as soon as possible.

LATE GAME Tier 6 - Tier 7

By now you should be accustomed to the build and know what to do. When loosing try to defend rather than assault. Beeing able to burst from behind your walls and wreck a team with which makes for a great suprise burst.

Talents Top

Tier 1

This is one of the main talents and is a must have for this build. This is, next to vault the only thing keeping you alive.

Tier 2

This is the second must have talent. Increased range will make kitting easier and the 1 extra arrow basically adds 50% damage.

Tier 3

This is the last must have talent. Now your burst capabilities will start to show. When you got someone alone you will hit your target 6 times with Hungering Arrow.

Tier 4

Strafe is the beter pick of the two seeing there are not many other aoe capabilities in this build.

Tier 5

Great for kitting and applying a slow will synergize with .

When facing a high tanky team this might be a beter pick.

If you seem to get picked off by troublesome heroes like or basically anyone with high burst.

Tier 6

Another roll = Another Hungering arrow and also another change to get away from someone.

Synergizes with and if you went for a more control build.

Tier 7

Added damage on an already high damage skill, why not!

If you didn't pick any of the more defensive talents like or then be sure to get this because you will always do more damage alive then dead.

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