Bubble murlock guide :D by Weasel

Bubble murlock guide :D

By: Weasel
Last Updated: Nov 15, 2015
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Murky is annoying character that i really enjoy playing .
He is really squishy and he can get one shot , but if played correctly it can be lethal for the team.
I play on Safety Bubble.
Fist talent choice i pick Bubble Breeze , gets out of sticky situations.
Second Living the Dream , if played correctly you can live alot and get massive damage from your Pufferfish Octo-Grab combo .
Third choice that i pick is Compressed air , easy lane-push.
Utility choice is Octo-Grab , just because you can sometimes catch people off guard and shut them down.
Reduced cooldown on safety bubble is must have.
When having bubble heals you you can easily clear ever bruiser camps and live lot longer . some kind of sustain
the reason i dont pick bolt of the storm is that i can disengage from fights more easily with the first talent , and i sense that more pressure from the immobilization of utility is needed , thats why i use And A Shark Too! - talent :

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