Burst Damage + High Sustain Valla by Dragonzballz

Burst Damage + High Sustain Valla

By: Dragonzballz
Last Updated: Feb 16, 2015
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Build: Burst Damage + High Sustain Valla

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Threats to Valla with this build

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Threat Hero Notes
Anub'arak Not too much of a threat, just be sure to avoid his skill shots and you'll be fine.
Falstad Avoid his abilities and you should be able to beat him with ease. Be aware of the map considering his Flight ability.
Kerrigan As long as you don't get pulled in by her ability, fairly easy to kite and kill.
Murky Murky is one of the most annoying champs out there, but not so much a threat. Dodge his abilities and keep your distance and you'll be fine.
Sgt. Hammer Sgt. Hammer early game is somewhat of a monster, but as the game goes on she becomes less useful. Harassment is easy due to your kiting ability.
Uther Uther is an aggressive support that can be pretty annoying in fights. Try to avoid his ranged attacks/cc and don't go melee form for the best result. Also remember that when he dies, he comes back for a short time.
Azmodan Azmodan is not really a threat. While he does have a good chunk of hp, he can easily harass him.
Gazlowe Avoid Gazlowe's easy to kite abilities and you'll destroy him.
Li Li If Lili is left untouched in a team fight, she can fully heal members of her team with ease. Be sure to focus her down first to prevent that.
Nazeebo Nazeebo is easy to kite as well, just avoid being stuck in his zombie wall and avoid his summon from his heroic ability and you will be fine.
Tassadar Tassador is easy to kite and his abilities are easy to dodge, not much of a threat.
Brightwing Brightwing only becomes a nuisance when he turns you into a pig, other than that be sure to focus him down to prevent massive healing to the enemy team.
Jaina Jaina's abilities are fairly easy to dodge, and she doesn't really have a lot of escapes in order to outplay Valla.
Malfurion Avoid Malfurion's Entabling Roots and try to cc/kill him first to avoid healing his teammates.
Rehgar Rehgar by himself isn't scary at all, but in team fights he can be a monster considering his Bloodlust heroic ability. Try to catch him before team fights or try to avoid a Bloodlusted team.
Tyrande Tyrande is pretty easy as long as you are aware of her skill shots. Try not to stand in her ranged stun or get hit by her Sentinel attack.
Abathur Look at which champion he evolves into to determine threat level.
Muradin Muradin is just like any other tank, don't go melee form on him and you will be ok.
Tychus Try to poke Tychus down while laning, and be careful of his knockback grenade. If he chooses his Odin heroic ability, be careful as well, since it heals him to full twice.
Arthas If you get caught in his root, you're going to have a bad time, but as long as you keep your distance and don't go melee form, it shouldn't be too bad.
E.T.C. E.T.C. is used mostly for his position utility in team fights. Avoid his dash/knockback combos in fights and you'll be fine.
Raynor Raynor has high damage output but can be bursted pretty easily. Be careful with his Adrenaline Rush ability, which will heal him when he reaches low life.
Stitches Try not to get close to Stitches and be prepared to vault out of his hook attack in order to stay away.
Diablo Diablo can push you around like a rag doll with his positional moving abilities. Just keep your space and kite him and you shouldn't have any issues.
Sonya Don't go melee form against Sonya and be prepared to vault out of her leap in order to stay away.
Zagara Late game Zagara isn't so much an issue as she is early game. She can poke you down easily in the first few minutes of the game, so be patient when trying to lane against her.
Thrall Be wary of his skill shots, Thrall has crazy cc in his kit, especially if players choose to build him correctly.
Illidan Illidan can be pretty scary if he knows what he is doing. He excels at kiting like Valla, so try to keep your distance and have you team cc him in order to take him down quickly.
Nova If Nova came up on you while stealthed, there is a good chance you're getting one shotted before you know what hit you. Try to stick with your team when facing Nova to not get insta-gibbed. (Nerfs to Nova coming in beta)
Zeratul Zeratul is another champion that can come out of nowhere and destroy your health. Try to keep a lookout on where he is to get him out of stealth before he opens. Be careful for Stasis as well, being caught out of team fights can cost you the fight. Consider him a priority target in team fights/picks.
Chen Chen is pretty scary, do not try to focus him first in a team fight or attempt to 1v1 him, chances of success are low.
Tyrael Tyrael is one of the hardest champions to face against. Not only is he extremely tanky, he is highly mobile and can de a decent amount of damage while also supporting his team. Try not to focus him in team fights initially as well as stay away from him at all costs.
  No Threat

Overview to Valla Top

Valla is a ranged assassin that can deal large amounts of burst damage as well as have great mobility and sustain. She is definitely one of the strongest ranged assassins at the moment in Heroes of the Storm, being able to outplay many different heroes. In order to succeed with her, the player must be able to react to situations quickly while also having knowledge of positioning her correctly.

Valla's Abilities Top

Hatred is Valla's trait, which increases her movement and attack speed for each stack. Stacks are accumulated through basic attacks, so it is recommended to keep attacking to keep max stacks at all times.

Hungering arrow is a ranged ability which can strike a single target multiple times, or hit multiple targets. It's a great burst ability when facing someone in a 1v1 and also works well while chasing a low enemy. In team fights it's usefulness varies since you can not control where the arrow strikes after initially releasing it.

Multishot is a ranged aoe ability which does a set amount of damage within the frontal cone. Great for wave clear or team fights in general as well as catching enemies running away with low health since its range is farther than your auto attacks.

Vault is an ability which launches you in the target direction a little bit. Mostly used defensively in order to get away from dangerous situations, but can also be used offensively in order to secure a kill.

Strafe is Valla's heroic ability of choice used in this build. Not only does it provide great aoe damage, this skill can also be used while moving in order to assure damage dealt to escaping targets. While Strafe is being used, Valla can also use in order to secure kills or escape danger.

Talent Decisions and Reasoning Top

At level 1, I prefer Rancor over all other talents. My reasoning behind this is because I find Valla to be a very auto attack reliant hero, and with this passive you gain an extra 15% attack speed at max stacks, which a good player should almost always be at. This boost in attack speed allows you to output more damage than the other abilities.

At level 4, you really have two options based on personal preference. Usually I go with Manticore since it guarantees more damage output and also synergizes with providing more self healing every third attack, but if you think you need more sustainability over damage, taking is also an option.

At level 7, I prefer Searing Attacks over any other talent choice. This will be helpful for when you need burst damage in team fights or 1v1's. I pick this over the Vault talent choices due to the more aggressive play style I use. I do not think is really useful considering Valla runs out of mana very often, not being able to cast many abilities in every team fight.

At level 10, I choose Strafe as my heroic ability. While it does have its pros and cons, I still consider it to be better than in a couple different ways. The most important reason I find it to be better is the fact that it can not be easily dodged. If you miss your Rain of Vengeance, you're pretty much screwed out of an ultimate. Strafe on the other hand allows you to constantly keep enemies in your target area. It is also easier to control than Rain of Vengeance, ensuring you hit multiple enemy heroes. The downside to Strafe however is that you can be cc'd during the duration, so try to save it as a finisher or keep your distance while it is channeling.

At level 13, I choose Tempered by Discipline as my talent. In my opinion, this is where Valla's crazy sustain really shines. At max stacks of discipline, you are able to negate damage from cannon towers and tank them without being hurt. This life leech also helps you stay in action longer, providing you the ability to do more for your team. It also helps you kite heroes even better, considering the 80+ heal every auto attack. Also remember that this life leech applies to structures as well, so if you need to top off, attack anything in order to replenish your health. Another viable talent is if you find yourself facing a very tank heavy team. I do not find to be as reliable, because I believe the self healing from auto attacks outweighs the damage mitigation from Spell Shield.

At level 16, I choose Blood for Blood as my talent. Blood for Blood is a great survival and kiting ability, and also does decent damage against tanky targets. I tend to save it for tanks so I am able to get a larger heal out of it, as well as deal 800+ damage to the target. I recommend binding this to a mouse button for quick reaction, as the heal can save your life.

For my final talent, I choose Vengeance. This is because the extra damage from the penetrating bolts is absolutely insane, especially in team fights. Not only are you able to push extra damage from the initial bolt, that bolt can also travel through structure to deal structure damage or pass through to hit another enemy champion. If you feel like your mobility isn't enough, you can also grab .

Phases of the Game Top

Early Game
In the early stages of the game, Valla is very vulnerable to all types of damage due to her not having sustain or access to all of her burst damage. Play safe in order to not give the other team an early advantage in level and be sure that all lanes are receiving experience. Also try to coordinate with your team in order to take early objectives/minion camps.

Mid Game
As you start to reach around level 10-13, you will start to notice Valla having enough access to her skills/talents in order to almost reach her full burst/sustain potential. Be sure to coordinate with team members to lock down enemy champions with cc in order for you to burst them quick enough without them being able to react. Also keep focusing on map objectives with your entire team and be sure to keep both your and stacks at max when you can.

Late Game
When you acquire all of your talents, Valla will really start putting out insane damage while still being able to have great survivability. Again, be sure to keep your Hatred and Discipline stacks at max at all times if possible, and be sure to stick with your team. If you don't play it safe, Valla can be easily picked off if you are not expecting it. In team fights, your mobility and great aoe damage will ensure victory as long as you play it smart and keep your distance from the enemy team.

General Heroes of the Storm Tips Top

1. Objectives>Everything Else
Heroes of the Storm is a very unique MOBA due to its team based focus. It is very hard, almost impossible to be able to carry a game solely on one person, especially with the map based objectives and minion camps. Always go with your entire team in order to capture the map based objectives, and try to take on minion camps solo at later levels/with 1 other teammate at early levels. If you do not care for such objectives, you will certainly see your team lose its grip no matter how strong they are.

2. Don't Be Toxic
I'm sure we've all had our experiences with people who seem to get upset over everything in a game, especially when those mistakes are very minor. Try your best to not over react to minor setbacks in games, especially since there are a lot of new players with the recent alpha invites. These games are meant for fun and practice only, so use these setbacks to try to learn yourself and educate others about the game instead of saying how bad someone is.

3. Remember to Use Healing Wells/Mounts/etc
Heroes of the Storm implements some things that an experienced MOBA player can even oversee. Be sure to mount up whenever you can, whether its getting across the map to an objective or running away from the enemy team. Also be sure to use your healing wells, usually on cooldown. This will maximize the amount of healing you receive in order to stay on the map longer. There are also regen orbs dropped by the "wizard" minions on every wave, be sure to pick those up as well, as they will despawn after a short time.

4. Keep an Eye on Tower Ammo
Unlike other MOBAS, all towers (except core) have ammo they need in order to attack. This makes pushing lanes a very necessary thing in order to get tower ammo empty. This allows your minions to push towers by themselves efficiently as well as let your team take towers without being worried about taking extra damage.

About Me Top

Thank you for taking the time to look through my build! I have been playing Heroes of the Storm for awhile now, and have just recently started building guides due to me streaming. It helps answer peoples questions about how I build my Valla as well as explaining everything in detail. If you wish to see some of the gameplay more specifically, please visit my stream at twitch.tv/dragonzballz and follow to be notified when I go live. I will be more than happy to answer any question you have. I do main as ranged assassins, but have my fair share of experience as supports/siege specialists. Happy new years, and I look forward to creating more guides in the future! :)

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