Butcher the Beast by Nick87

Butcher the Beast

By: Nick87
Last Updated: Sep 14, 2017
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The Butcher

Build: let the killing begin!

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Butcher Top

This from my point of view. I pick Block at first because he is squcy and 2 charges of 75% physical Armor will help Butcher when charging.

At lvl 4 I go for Unrelenting Pursuit, is best pick to reduce his charge with 33% upon impact.

Lvl 7 is were "Tank Butcher" will get even more powerful and hard to Kill. An extra 50% reduced damadge taken with the 2 charges of 75% physical armor, he will be very tanky.

Most of the time I go fro Lamb to the Slaughter so i will be sure to make a kill.

From my point of vire Brutal Strike is the best talent to take here, 15% more dmg to the next 3 basic attacks after you finish your Fresh Meat quest, will be unreal dmg!

For lvl 16 I go for Enraged every every every time, to bad you benefit of it after you have 50% less helt.

And at lvl 20 i go for Nexus Blades for more dmg or for Bolt of the Storm so that I will have an excape.

Sorry of my english is not good, is not my nativ language!

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