Chaos Vanguard's Diablo Guide for Cursed Hollow (MetaBreakSen) by MetaBreakSen

Chaos Vanguard's Diablo Guide for Cursed Hollow (MetaBreakSen)

By: MetaBreakSen
Last Updated: Dec 22, 2015
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Build: Tank Build

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Threats to Diablo with this build

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Threat Hero Notes
Lt. Morales Don't worry about this healer you laugh and dive her any time you see her.
Lunara Never been so easy to kill a hero. Your a q is an auto hit to her so regardless how fast she is you can always cc her unlike other tanks likely leaving her dead. Just beware of her wisp when trying to gank her and your ok.
  No Threat
Nova Wait for her to come off cloak then cc her. You DO NOT want to fight her solo but in team fights she will be unable to do anything after she blows her stealth.
Zeratul use your w if he gets close and it will de-stealth him after that the rest is self explanatory.
Kael'thas As long as you dodge his e or attack before you can use it it'll be just as easy as killing lunara just beware for level 16 if he gets the mana shield talent.
Raynor Fuck this guy right. Just keep in mind he has a little more health than a normal assassin. Dodge his q on your way into to him and you'll be okay
Zagara She's a powerful lane bully which brings up the question how do you lane against her if your ever forced too. The secret is you don't! Mount up and attack her preferably with another hero but need be you can do it solo so long as you aren't in sight to be caught by a hunter killer.
Leoric Never 1v1 this guy your going to lose! If you get into a match up with him ignore him and go for the lowest health target you can find. He'll be one of the last heroes you kill unless he over extends.
Illidan this guy can be scary if you try to 1v1 him but in a team fight you can take care of him easy so long as you have help. just don't dive too far.
Jaina Scary woman she needs to chill out! If you fail an engage on her you will not be able to escape make sure to bait out her skills before going in for the kill.
Anub'arak BEWARE!!!!!! he is completely anti diablo with loads of heavy cc to counter your engage. The best thing to do is to catch him off guard or wait for him to use his cc first then make your move so he can't stop yours.
Kharazim This guy is annoying as hell but easy to deal with. Do not engage him solo if he has seven sided strike. Also watch out for his divine palm when you go for picks.
Murky This annoying little fucker will ruin your day if he's in your lane ask for a lane swap certain heroes you just don't fight.
Uther This guy is going to be a pain in your ass from divine sheild saves to stuning you when you dice in. It's very important to look for opportunities where he is small distance away from the target you want to attack.
Brightwing Poly morph is your enemy. It's either kill or be denied with this hero so make sure you get a good pick on her.

Introduction Top

Diablo is a very aggressive ganker. In this guide I'm going to teach the basic's of diablo's along with the do's and do not's.

Laning Phase Top

Before the first curse tribute the preferred strategy is to roam with an assassin on your team and get quick picks. Take advantage of fog of war and come from the back side on suspecting targets Generally specialist such as Sylvanas Nazeebo or healers like Uther Malfurion are the one's you want o go after since they generally are the classes most likely to ever extend or be out place depending on your mmr bracket.

Somewhere between the 2:00 minute mark and 2:40 mark the tribute warning time will spawn up you want to back and heal by then to be energized for the *** kicking you are about to give the other team.

Tribute Time Top

When a tribute spawns you usually want to get there early to survey the area see if there are any stragglers you can pick off who got to the tribute to early such as Zagara Lunara or are coming a little bit too late like Sgt. Hammer etc. If you however have a hard time capitalizing on that and a fight has already started during the tribute try to wait a little bit before you engage on a target of interest. See if your carry needs peeling if they are okay then try displacing enemies heroes in team fights to create a path for yourself or other teammates to get to an vital enemy. This advice generally will lead to you winning any tribute fight. Your one concern will be duo healer or duo tank comps. In the event a team comes with large amount of sustain its important to be able to read the enemies team comp to pick off the right hero to break there sustain. Duo tank comps can only work with a really string assassin kill it will shut down there teams power. Duo healer compositions generally are powered by a main healer and a utility healer. Killing the main healer should make there team kill-able.

Explaining the tank build Top

Talents on level 1 - 7 are all aimed towards giving diablo as much health as you can. Avoid any risky plays or dives until level 4 where you can get easy access too 100 souls with the soul catcher talent. Your going to be aggressive in the early levels but you won't be able to fully shine till level 10.


Lightning Breath is your preferred ultimate for most situations. Use this ult in tight confined environments like paths around tribute points or on an enemy team to interrupt boss capture. This ultimate also has a unique ability that makes you immune to cc while it is active so it is good to use in the rare event that the enemy is trying to focus you as the tank.

Apocalypse is a great ultimate as well but very situational. Use it to follow up other ultimate's that may be on your team such as but not limited too Devouring Maw, Void prison, Entomb, Gravo Bomb. The idea is to make his stun points overlap so you deal more damage this would require you to catch more than one player with it which is why you want to use it to follow up other ultimate's.

After the power spike-

Siphon the dead on level 13 will give you a activate to heal 15% of your health every 30 seconds this will be good during long drawn out fights. However i would recommend spell shield if your going against burst assassins such as nova , Kt, jaina. If your in need of more damage to finish off kills then firestorm is always a valid option as well. It's important that no matter what game your in you build for the situation at hand.

Level 16 if you are still able to get good picks build on that and get domination this will allow you more dive room as you will be able to engage with your q and then e them but you will have an extra q up to knock them back into your team as opposed to having to run in close to e them and then q them back. If you are taking to much heat from auto attack teams get imposing presence this will ensure that they stop trying to focus you as much or if they do it will be less effective.

End Game(Level 20)-

If your not already ****ting on your opposing team this level will change that. Upgrading lightning breath will ensure no one is able to escape it leading to more kills. If you are being attacked to hard get lord of terror on 20 to regenerate 10% health for every enemy you hit it with. You will pretty much never die with this talent unless everyone else does first.

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