Chromie versatile build by Ajaxxo

Chromie versatile build

By: Ajaxxo
Last Updated: May 20, 2016
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Build: Chromie - Sand blast / escape build

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This build does a lot of damage, and will make your enemies salty with the escapes you can do.

Sand blast is your number 1 damage ability, low CD and big damage, use it as much as you can!

With some practise, you can easily gank heroes with Temporal loop, casting Dragon's Breath and Sand Blast when the timer is just over halfway on the countdown.

The "Bye bye!" talent is great to stay alive as a squishy hero with no other escape, don't be afraid to heartstone even if you have full HP and get jumped by another hero! Great to counter Illidan and stealth heroes that can jump on you anytime.

The last tier 7 talent is pretty amazing, 3 CCs for "free" or you can use them to trap an hero to easily aim sand blast 3 times on them. (Precast sandblast when the timer is halfway or even a bit before)

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