Chromie - You're Not Going to Like what I am About to do to You by A.R.M.

Chromie - You're Not Going to Like what I am About to do to You

By: A.R.M.
Last Updated: Aug 11, 2018
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If you can't skillshot, don't play Chromie.

Hourglasses are life... especially vs divers such as the hunt Illidan.

Simply stand on an hourglass or with 1 in front of you... and learn to see stealth... you should be good to go.

Your team and hourglasses should be able to protect you... if they cannot, then either you are way out of position or your team is unaware, outmatched, or simply garbage... for Chromie has the longest range in the game, nothing besides a ****ing beast Cho'Gall should beat her if you can land skillshots...

By the way, the only time you should even consider Temporal Loop is when vs. Cho'Gall.


The following is a key for suggested builds:

The recommended talent pick at a level tier is designated by a number or set of numbers. Multiple suggestions at that level are delimited via a forwardslash (/)

Each talent level tier is delimited via a comma (,)

2,3,3,1/2 (usually 1),1/2/3 (usually 2 followed by 1),1/any,4

Timetraps are too valuable... get good with them and it'll turn a game around, especially at 20... and it will utterly deny any divers like Genji.

The level 16 talent depends on your skill and that of your opponent, albeit I say 1 is the strongest.
The build you go depends on the map and the matchup... think...
Are there a lot of chokepoints (eg. cursed hollow) or are you vs a lot of melee? You may want to do the snadblast build...
Do you need to clear waves to some extent and not go oom? The death from above (w) build is always acceptable and great for hitting enemies capturing things like nukes, alters... for you can stop them all at once.

You should always go range... your team and yourself should be competent enough that you don't need bye bye... plus if you bye bye out... well ****, your team is left a hefty assassin that is gone.... if your going to fail, fail as a team... no Backdoor W bye bye Chromie is not anything but a troll strat that I just made up.

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