Combo Siege Nazeebo (Level 10 Master skin) Fawxey#1184 by Fawxey

Combo Siege Nazeebo (Level 10 Master skin) Fawxey#1184

By: Fawxey
Last Updated: Apr 16, 2015
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Nazeebo Nazeebo has low mobility so its great to have a healer on your team.
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Combo Siege Nazeebo (Level 10 Master skin) Fawxey#1184 Top

I have been maining Nazeebo and occasionally the lost vikings as my secondary. These talents i have been using on Nazeebo ever since i started playing and have gotten most hero damage consistently and siege damage somewhere in 2nd or 3rd consistently. The 1st 2 talents are mainly tools for late game. try to farm a lot and last hit or poison for death ritual. the second talent is a must have. You end up doing so much damage late game if you keep getting your combo off on people. Nazeebo's combo if you didn't know would be w e q r. If you hit the w timing correctly, to do this you need to try to predict where they are going. After they are or one person is trapped in, use that combo. It works in teamfights and for siege. the 3rd talent is great if you can use it right. I think it goes great with nazeebo because he has no utility without it. Use it on turrets that are low on health and/or ammo a lot since it has a low cooldown. However only use it while the enemies are away from it because they can take down the healing bot. It's great for keeping your structures healed up. I choose Gargantuan instead of Ravenous because it adds to siege, and actually does quite a bit of damage after its buff. also being able to utilize its ground smash is great you just have to time it right. works great in teamfights. Going in to the toads of hugeness talent, it has been buffed recently from 10% increased damage to 20%. It goes really well with the next talent as well Infested toads which then creates spiders after the toads explode. It makes your e very powerful. then the final talent is a no question, makes it greater for siege, also the AI was improved. Try it out! hope this guide helps

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