Darude Darude Sandblast by Eyeris

Darude Darude Sandblast

By: Eyeris
Last Updated: May 17, 2016
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Build: Sandblast Build

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Sandblast Build Top

This build focuses on sand blast.
Tier 1 - Compounding Aether - to build up damage
Tier 2 - Piercing Sands - To help build up stacks and do double the damage in team fights
Tier 3 - Chrono Sickness - Get off more of these babies, and slow them after so you can sand blast them to death
Tier 4 - Slowing Sands or Temporal Loop. - Case by case basis. Slowing sands is nice with the level 20 talent to slow their team and just throw sand blasts into them
Tier 5 - Bye Bye! - Great escape utility (preferred) Both other talents are viable as well, Reaching through time for the ridiculous range or Time Out for utility
Tier 6 - Shifting Sands - Build stacks->REK
Tier 7 - Pocket of time is nice because you don't have to worry about mana, you severely slow them which lets you get more sand blasts off
Honestly all talents this tier are viable and situational

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