Diablo, The Bully Lord by Thundawear

Diablo, The Bully Lord

By: Thundawear
Last Updated: Mar 23, 2015
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Build: The Bully Build

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How to Bully Top

Look. Think of Diablo as a specialist. He isnt really the best tank, and is dps is pretty bad. BUT the one thing he DOES have, is the ability to push around other heroes. This build focuses around the overpower/shadow charge combo.

Say your running back to your gate, and an opposing hero overcommits to you. Run out there with overpower already charged. As soon as you land it, shadow charge his *** and knock that nerd into your turrets giving you the perfect time to firestomp. The combo is so quick and confusing the enemy hero will get a little overwhelmed and run around you doing 0 dmg, and youve knocked off at least a quarter of their health.

Say you're in a team fight and there's a Brightwing poppin off those AoE heals. Throw his ***s outta of the fight, and then knock him out. You wont get a kill, but now theyre down a healer and you can bodyblock and keep him out while youre team finishes them off.

Say an enemy hero is running away with %25 HP left and you have a couple teammates behind you. Youve taken the shadow charge slow talent, so charge into them stun, slow, and flip them around. If youre team doesn't finish them off just quite, overpower them again with your t4 choice.

But my favorite scenario us using corners. All around the map, there are little nooks and crannies(sp?) that you can toss someone into. And as soon as youve done that, body block them in and burn them down.

Use this combo to bully and shove heroes out of their comfort zone. Nothing in this game is more jarring than instantly being halfway across the screen and out of position. Unless you're prepared for it.

Lightning Breath Top

This seems like a no brainer to me. First, it just looks super intimidating. If youre team is being chased down and youre in a good spot, turn around, Ult, and watch the other team run away or get melted. His other ult, is just SO avoidable. look at the ground and when it pops up get out of it.

So why then did I nto buff it at t5? Cause bolt of the storm is maybe Diablo's best talent possible.

Bolt of the Storm Top

Now take everything I've listed above. Now you have the ultimate run down tool to chase down; you can get behind the enemy team and remove OR toss in any stragglers, and an excellent get away mechanic. Its just too strong.

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