E.T.C The Rockstar! by manny_luke

E.T.C The Rockstar!

By: manny_luke
Last Updated: Dec 27, 2014
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Pros and Cons Top


- Brings alot of utility
- He can easily disengage by knocking off heroes with Facemelt (W Ability) and Powerslide (Q Ability)
- Doesn't die as easy as most heroes
- Always has plays to make


- Lacks in Damage
- Heroic ability 'Moshpit' has a long cool-down
- Moshpit can be hard to successfully land on ranged dps

Talents Top

Tier 1

I take Block in to reduce the basic damage from heroes as I am about to use the heroic ability Moshpit. It is also very useful when heroes like Valla whose basic attacks are quite high in damage and this talent helps reduce the damage taken and blocks the enemy's basic attacks

Tier 2

Pwn Shop Guitar:
I take pwn shop guitar because it is much better then any other talent in the tier 2 level. Groupies is another talent that is similar which also heals allies. I find that it not as good because it is a very little heal. Taking Pwn Shop Guitar is good because E.T.C early game is quite mana dependent and needs to be spamming his heal and this is good because it reduces the mana cost.

Tier 3

Guitar Hero:
This is good for high sustain to enemy's. Since I am spamming my heal from the previous talent my basic attacks also heal myself and do twice as much damage to the enemy hero.

Heroic Tier

Moshpit is the best heroic ability to take with E.T.C. Grouping the whole team up and dropping the bass is a high chance of you winning that teamfight (of course depending on your level with enemy team and your team comp) but it brings alot of CC and utility.

Tier 5

Uber Rockstar:
I take Uber Rockstar to get myself around the team fight quicker and help finish up kills with my combo and is also good for engaging in getting ready to Drop the Bass.

Tier 6

I take Stoneskin because it gives quite a good shield for yourself when you are being the main focus when you go in and Drop The Bass. Engaging in getting to Drop the Bass you are the main target to everyone because they can see the Moshpit coming so the shield is very necessary and an appropriate choice

Tier 7

Bolt of the Storm:
I always take the talent bolt of the storm. This talent goes well with the Stoneskin. It is helpful because it is easy to set up Moshpit and getting more people into the moshpit and whilst on that having Stoneskin activated for when the Moshpit has ended.

Thankyou Top

Thankyou for reading my guide on E.T.C. My battle.net is Wasp3#1124. Now go have fun Heroes :)

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