Full damages artanis by silverhawk

Full damages artanis

By: silverhawk
Last Updated: Feb 23, 2016
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Build: Full damages artanis

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If you want to play artanis like an assassin , be sure to be able to dash on ennemys to try to escape of your damages , this is why you have to take ZEALOT CHARGE to don't let them go out .
To the level one , , always to deal more and more damages , you can take seasoned marksman to stacks some damages more on basic attacks you can also take KHAYDARIAN RESONANCE if you think you will often miss your abilitie . For level 4 , take LETHAL ALACRITY to deal your q abilitie damages faster but you can also take CHRONO SURGE to have a better attack speed on a trade . On level 7 , you can take WARP SICKNESS to slow ennemies trynig to escape but you can also take FOLLOW THROUGH to a an additional burst on your next basic atack after use an ability . For level 10 , you have to take PURIFIER BEAM . For the level 13 , you have to take TRIPLE STRIKE because it's the only talents how can be use by an assassin . For the level 16 , the 3 talents of twin blades can be used but my favorite is zealot charge cause you can dash on ennemies with that . At the level 20 , you can take TARGET PURIFIED if you are sure to take down the ennemeis with your team but this talent is for team fight , that's not what we want . SO you have to take Nexus blades to slow ennemeis and deal more damages

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