Going HAM! by Snuff.exe

Going HAM!

By: Snuff.exe
Last Updated: Jul 1, 2015
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The Butcher

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Hi, im currently 9-1 in hero league with butcher, his damage is insane and with abathur you are unstopabble, these talents i have found to maximize utility and damage from butcher. at level ten both heroic abilities are very good, I find myself using Furnace Blast for the insane damage for the most part but Lamb to the Slaughter is great if you have a team with a lot of AOE, at level 20 you get Slaughterhouse which chains everyone, so imagine sitting in KT's ult. At level 16 I always choose Enraged because butchers weakness is CC and this is soooooo helpful when you are getting focused and have CC reduced on you and the attack speed helps with your heal, I also find myself always picking Crave Flesh because even with hamstring slow, its not enough to stick to your target to get the heal from Butcher's Brand so this talent really helps to stay on target and help heal yourself up.

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