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Hammer Time sustained.

By: Fliz
Last Updated: Feb 19, 2015
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Sgt. Hammer

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Tyrande She can quite easily keep your siege at bay from level 1. Just rotate lanes if she shows up.
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Basic play style Top

Hammer is one of the few decent siege champions in the game currently, other notable ones would be Azmodan and Zagara. Out of the three, Hammer is the most lethal in my opinion.

This build is the most successful for me due to the fact you can drop damage onto the buildings with an easy escape through Z with the tier 3 talent First Aid
All the other talents are based around doing damage quickly from range without being hit.

Start the game and instantly siege from a safe distance, drop damage on any champions that appear to keep them on their toes, otherwise they will become comfortable and try to pressure you. You dont want this as you will want to drop the first gate line and towers very quickly to give your team the level advantage.

As soon as you are seeing a lot of resistance or a counter champion, swap lanes, you have 2/3 to choose from depending on the map. Use them all.

This "Tactic/Build" would normally mean your team may be fighting a man down but if you keep the pressure on, you will give your team levels and also pull Enemy champions away to come defend the rubble that you just left behind.

Ability Explanation. Top

Hammer has quite a decent toolkit.
The biggest difference to other champions is the lack of Mount. Instead, she has a Speed boost of 60% for a limited time. Thrusters
This is your primary escape. Its unadvised to use this to engage unless they are really that low and a few basic attacks in non siege mode will do.
Save this and try not to siege unless this is about to come off cooldown or is already off as you can get away and most likely keep them distracted by chasing you for longer, allowing your team to do more with less enemies about.

Artillery This is a passive trait that will enable you to drop towers stupidly well. If they are outside of your immediate area and inside the larger radius when you are in Siege mode, then this will apply.

Spider Mines 3 mines that sit and defend your area while you are sat thumping away at their walls, they slow the enemy to allow you to escape easier. They should be used on cooldown, try to place them around you evenly as it covers you more. Dont rely on them completely though, you still need to get out of dodge as the slow is only 1.5 seconds.

Concussive Blast Dont use this unless you want to keep the enemy champions away, knock them back when running or knock melee champions away and into the higher damage zone for your basic attack. I would advise keeping this and not using on to clear creep waves.
One thing to note, this will interrupt any cast time your enemy will have, say a Nova triple tap for example.

Siege Mode This is the puppy your entire build and strategy is based upon. Drop into this when it is safe to do so and start dropping towers as quickly as possible. Nearly all the talents are based upon increasing this things damage.
One thing to note, its easier to leave this with Z when you are in a hurry as it is instant. Otherwise, use E again to exit back to normal mode as it takes a second or two.

Blunt Force Gun This is your First Heroic Ability. You will want to take this, it allows you to pick off people running away, and most importantly, once you have the level 20 ability Orbital BFG They will keep coming along the same line as the last rocket fired. You can actually chip away at their core if this is placed right (1-2% per rocket passing)

Napalm Strike This is your Second Heroic Ability. Usually I would advise against taking this one due to the fact that the rest of the build will dispatch buildings without it.

Taking it to the next level Top

To play Hammer the most optimally. You will want to keep pressure on a lane that your allies are not in. This will in turn give you a level advantage and keep their team constantly distracted, and annoyed to say the least.
Nothing is more infuriating that seeing somebody Backdoor/Cheese their way into a base quite as quickly.

Start in either the bottom or top lane, the most isolated lane is usually the best as it is a longer response time for them to come down to you. Try not to over extent, hence you will want to evenly drop lanes. How ever, there is nothing wrong with dropping a few cheeky shots on the keep or an extra creep wave if you think you can manage it.

Constantly keep an eye out for missing enemy champions, nearby team fights and objectives. You do not want to get caught in the middle of something, you are best suited towards the back and raining fire down on your enemies.

Lastly, try not to use your abilities and mainly rely on using basic attacks and siege mode, this way, you will always have mana available. Your First Aid Talent and Healing Fountains will allow you to stay out in lanes far longer than you should on other champions.

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