Hellforce Diablo by KalaK

Hellforce Diablo

By: KalaK
Last Updated: Feb 6, 2016
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Build: Rain of Fire Diablo (out of date)

Level 1
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Level 7
Level 10
Level 13
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Level 20

Threats to Diablo with this build

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Threat Hero Notes
Li Li An ability based champ like us, can laugh at her
Murky Just annoying, not really a threat. FIND HIS EGG!
Nova Your W gets her stealth out, then you just do Q E and she is 90% dead
Valla Can get out of range in a few seconds and her R can break your channel. Get her fast with E Q
Illidan Annoying, but has 1 weak spot that diablo uses pretty well. when he jump over you, just charge him to the tower and BAM! illidan is dead
Muradin He will try to jump on your face if he can. Beware with that, an you will be fine
Tyrande Watch out for that arrow!
Zeratul Dont get into void prison and you will be fine
Arthas Can be annoying, at least you can overwhelm him in the teamfights.
Kerrigan Same as Uther, position is the key to avoid her grasp
Uther A great combo of cc, he is a pain in your lowers parts. If you can't get into position, your team is lost
Stitches Gorge can be your teams doom, if he gets you they wont have a tank, if he gets them, they face a sure death. Better you than they still...
Brightwing Your worst nightmare, wait until he poly someone else, then R to the whole team before he can get you


Build: Meta Diablo

Level 1
Level 4
Level 7
Level 10
Level 13
Level 16
Level 20

Talents of Demise Top


Health regen is really nice, we can get 130% with 100 souls, which makes this talent almost mandatory.


Now we can clean lanes faster and we do decent damage in team fights


The more life we have, the more time we can stay in the front, the more damage we can deal. A must be every diablo


We can deal a good amount of damage and a 2 secs stun to every enemy, this talent is quite easy to dodge so await until the enemy is focused so much on dealing damage that they forget to look to theirs feets


The fire returns to you dealing tons of damage, try to move a little so everyone behind you takes at least 2 flames.


Increases the movement that allows some chasing, and makes your melee attacks a nightmare. at lvl 20, your hits can deal almost 400 damage!


Help you to survive fights for longer time, deals a nice chunk of damage.

Abilities Top

Black Soulstone (Trait)

Your passive and why you are an excelent tank. With 100 souls you can get 20% more life, with the lvl 1 talent you get 130% health ragen and then at lvl 7 you get 10% more life, this combo makes you an amazing meat bag that can soak lots of damage and make almost the same amount in a tf.

Shadow Charge (Key Q)

An awesome gap closer, deals decent damage but most important, stuns your enemy for 0.5 sec. If you get him against a wall, he gets stunned for 1 sec, enough time to get an E and body block the enemy escape

Fire Stomp (Key W)

Each fire deals damage when touch a target. At lvl 4, you get a fire aura that deals a decent amount of damage. At lvl 13 the talent firestorm causes the fire to return to you. After that, the talent rampage at lvl 16 gives you more movement speed and increases your melee by 50% for 2 secs!

Overpower (Key E)

The grab, amazing position tool. You can grab an enemies and push him out of the battle, inside of your team o into your towers range (a good push and you can even get the enemy behind your gates)

Apocalypse (Key R)

Stuns the enemy team for 2 seconds and deals amazing damage IF they're inside the spell./color]

Lighting Breath (Key R)

You loose a cc tool which is quite bad for us, we need all the cc we can bring and having the enemy team locked for 2 secs is what we're after now

Disclaimer Top

Hello everyone, thanks for reading this guide, I hope you find it useful. Im from Argentina, maybe my english isnt as good as i want, but you're welcome to give any advice to improve this guide.
Stay sharp!

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